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500D Photos

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jarrell, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. I recently bought Gales Canon 500D closeup 'filter' and I use it on my Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 lens (77mm filter threads). Gale and I both agreed that this is not one of those accessories that a photographer uses a lot unless their 'thing' is macro photography. But it is a handy item to have when you need it.
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    A comfortable working distance for it is about 15 inches from the front of the lens to the subject which does make it easier to use flash units since you're not right on top of object.
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    It's obvious when you pick it up that it is a well made piece of glass and is probably just as sharp as the lens you're attaching it to.
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    Depth of field, of course, is often razor thin so a tripod and lot'sa light, so you can use those f/32 region fstops, is an almost must unless you have nerves of steel.... which I certainly don't.
    Now, where did all the bugs and critters go...?
  2. Jarell,
    Besides providing useful infos on the 500D, you show an excellent eye on composition in these closeup shots. Beautiful pictures indeed.
  3. PJohnP


    Feb 5, 2005
    Jarrell :

    The fun thing about the 500D is that you can use it on other lenses like the 12-24mm or the 28-70mm with good effect. I've shot a plethora of images with the 12-24mm/500D combo and had an absolute ball with it. It's an unexpected pleasure to get such images. I won't hijack your thread, but the leaf image in Leaf Link was done with this combo. It's worth experimenting with the 500D on a number of lenses - I probably should test it with my (relatively) disused 18-35mm lens, for example.

    I really enjoy shooting with the 500D.

    John P.
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  4. strobel


    Apr 30, 2005
    Algonquin, IL
    HI Jarell

    Love the photos, my favorite is the leaf close-up. Although the colors on the flower is hard to resist. Thanks for sharing.

    Quick questions. Is a close-up filter just allow you to get closer to the subjects without using a macro lens?
  5. Jarrell - You are putting that 500D to good use. I like the close-up of the leaf.

    I really want one of these! and John P. makes an interesting point that I have often wondered. That is, using the 500D on other lenses (not macro per se). And he has some great shots in the other thread.

    So again, now I want one of these!
  6. PJohnP


    Feb 5, 2005
    Mark :

    Uh-oh. I see you've posted over in the For Sale sub-forum as well.

    What have I done ? :rolleyes:  :Sick: :rolleyes: 

    Seriously, shooting with the 500D on other lenses is really fun. I shot close-ups this autumn of maximillian sunflowers (a variety we see wild all over NM) with the 12-24mm AFS and a CP as well with great delight. Note that Jarrell was shooting with a 70-200mm which gives a nice separation from the subject. I'm sure that there are other combinations to try - I might pull out the 24-120mm and a step-up ring with the 500D and try that this weekend...

    Dollar for dollar, the 500D is one of the better "add-ons" to get, IMO.

    John P.
  7. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    You've found out what many of us have previously. The 500D is an excellent addition to any shooter's toolkit.

    I also agree with John that the 500D is also excellent on other lenses with the 77mm front threads. I don't have a 28-70 (yet), but I did try it out on the 17-35 that I got from Steve Shive and it worked well there also.

    Very nice shots. :smile:
  8. OK Jarrell, it's plain to see that you've got it mastered already! Good on ya... These are excellent examples of how good an addition that little filter is to any camera bag. How about a close-up of Princess' wet feet?!!! *LMOA* Best to have Jarrell let you in on that one....
  9. PJohnP


    Feb 5, 2005
    Frank :

    Works a treat on the 28-70mm AFS - you'll be quite amazed.

    John P.
  10. John, I've just been searching the whole site looking for that picture you took of the autumn leaf on the table, can you post it up for those folks who are also thinking of getting this filter - it's a perfect example of what it can do on a lens one already owns.....
  11. PJohnP


    Feb 5, 2005
    Sandi :

    I don't want to hijack Jarrell's thread, so I'll just post a link to the shot. It's the second shot down in that thread.


    John P.
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  12. Folks, as you can see from Jarrell's and John's examples, this is one beautiful little addition to your kit, as Flew says. Highly recommended and once you feel the heft of this thing, you'll realize the quality of it. Any more, Jarrell???? We just KNOW you've got more!
  13. After yesterday's comments and the resulting "hat issue" I'll simply say these are wonderful images! I don't want your head to be any colder than it already may be with this cold front. :wink:

    These are all very nice but I must say I'm rather partial to the saw blade shot. Not sure why...it's just different. You have quite the imagination!!
  14. Besides being great shots I love the variety....no "sameness' to your work.Very nice.
  15. John, don't worry about hijacking the thread!:smile:
    Please post some images here with those lenses. I, as well as others, would like to see them!
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  16. Ron, you got it! You're just attaching a high priced, well made magnifying glass to the front of your lens to allow you to get closer to your subject. A true macro lens will let you focus from infinity right down to mere inches, but to do that with this filter you'd have to remove it from the camera so that your lens would focus in its 'normal' fashion.
  17. Yes! And I want John, when he has time, to post some in this thread since it is about closeup work.
  18. Sandi, what about you posting a photo like what we discussed the other day! :wink:
  19. Kevin, I like the saw blade too for its simplicity.
  20. Vernon, I appreciate it. Getting older sometimes keeps you closer to home so you have to start looking at the everyday things closer... :smile:
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