522 members!!! Congratulations to NikonCafe

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by daodang, May 5, 2005.

  1. To Patrick, Frank and all those who contribute to create NikonCafe,

    Congratulations :!: NikonCafe is growing fast with nice new members.

    Also a great thank to all NikonCafe moderators like Bryan and Gordon who make this forum a very friendly place to share our work and experience.

    Hurrah, long life to NikonCafe. :!:
  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Agree with your DAO,

    Wonderful thing going on here. And all get along. Isn't that a breath of fresh air.

    Thanks again Patrick and Flew!!!!!!!!!
  3. Our little family is growing!!! This is a good thing *LOL* (to quote a famous blonde "I didn't know" ex-stockbroker)
  4. jkamphof

    jkamphof Guest

    I must say I prefer this greatly over dpreview. I will always stay with DPR and help out but I was getting frustrated with the silly emotional posts over and over again. I had been spending a lot of time at Fred Miranda (fredmiranda.com....love that site) but now it's nice to have a smaller and more watched community of photographers. Though I arrived here after being pointed here at DPR (from PhotoBug....not a loved person I take it) I am ever thankful for it.

    Thanks guys for establishing this community!!

  5. I'm member #112! I even got a personalized phone message inviting me to the cafe! You guys are soooo nice! :)
  6. TheKO


    May 3, 2005
    Tampa, FL
    Great Cafe

    Much better then dpreview. I was getting tired of the same old "first shot of the family cat pictures". Hats off to the forum crew.
  7. I too really enjoy this forum. I post once in a blue moon over on dpr but only if I know I won't get slammed. I mostly stay on their retouching forum because that is the nicest forum that dpr has going for it. We are like a family over there and we all know each other.

    At least when a person posts something nice here, you are not attacked just for being nice and sharing opinions.
  8. Frankly, I can't say enough nice things about this forum or the people in it. Dpreview was driving me nuts with the sarcasm and sometimes hateful remarks. I was a professional photographer for 27 years, yet often I was treated as if I didn't know the difference between a window shutter and the shutter in my camera. You folks are great!
  9. Hi Chris,

    If I were in the photography business as long as you, I would think the same thing about the insults over on dpr. I honestly think that there are many that post their sarcasm and insults to others when they themselves never did professional work but are wannabees. At least, I can say, I never said I was a professional over there that I can remember. Heck, I do a lot of PS but I am no where near a professional in it nor do I claim to be. I just enjoy photography and PS. Too big hobbies for me to fill a little time.