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58mm f/1.2

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Electromen, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. I friend has this lens, bought in 1974, he used it with an F2. Could this be the infamous "Noct"?

    If so how can I tell? I haven't seen it yet but I will soon.
    If it is "Noct" what might be the value? He says it's in perfect shape.
    Can it be used with the D200?

  2. Yes, this is the Noct. There's only one 58/f1.2. If it's really a 1974 model, it's a pre-AI and thus it would need to be "AI'ed" to be compatible with the D200. See http://www.aiconversions.com

    Edit: Roland's database doesn't show a pre-AI model of the Noct. So I'd guess that your friend's memory is incorrect in some way. Either it's a 55/f1.2 (in which case it could well date from as early as 1971) or if it's really a 58/f1.2 then it must have been purchased in 1977 or later.
  3. Wow thanks fo such great detail
  4. If it's a Noct it should say Noct-Nikkor on it.... at least mine does.
  5. if this is is a Noct, it is easily over $2500 in value probably more depending on shape. I bought mine for $900 :biggrin: 3 years ago!
  6. A few things: There is no pre-ai noct lenses, the NOCT is not Infamous :) Wink:)  and if it's 58mm, then it's a NOCT. You should read "NOCT-Nikkor" on the lens.
  7. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    It is if you are the one getting the 8x10 glossies of you kissing someone inappropriate along with a blackmail demand!
  8. hehehe :BigGrin:
  9. I think there *was* a 58mm non-Noct lens....

    Believe it or not, I think there was a non-Noct 58mm Nikon lens.

    I saw it a while ago on ebay; it was a pre-ai lens, labelled 5.8cms if IIRC.

    Oh yes, I do own the Noct (thanks to Andreas Berglund for all the help he gave me) & love using it.
  10. rsprouse


    Jan 25, 2006
    Encinitas CA
    And if it is a Noct, I am looking for one for my collection and will pay a reasonable price.

    -- Russ
  11. Thanks everyone for your responses. I'm trying to get the owner of this lens to join the Cafe'. He will bring it out soon and I'll let you know the details, maybe even take a few photos. I'm not sure he would even sell it, he collects antique world class motorcycles and may be happy to keep it.

    thanks again for your help
  12. mycom


    Apr 24, 2006
  13. Yes, the first 58/1.2 was intoduced in Feb 1977.

    If it's before that, it's probably a 55mm F/1.2.
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  15. I have a 5.8 CM F1.4, that I have had AI'd, fun lens but not even close in sharpness to the Noct or say the 50mm F1.8 AI-S. It's main feature is that it is a good portrait length and stops down well to F11, not that sharp wide open... It has good well rounded color. Mine was built in 1959. I bought it for $25 a year ago!

    This shot is taken by with the 58mm F1.2 Noct AI-S BTW, click on it for full size.
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