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60mm vs. 105mm Micro

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Cabin, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. Hello,

    I can’t decide between the 60mm micro and the 105mm micro. :confused: 

    Are there any plus’s and minuses between the two?

    My primary use is for flower close up but any other use for this lens would be a plus.

  2. patrickh


    May 4, 2005
    Thousand Oaks
    60 seems to be marginally sharper, 105 gives you longer working distance. Both are sharp. Neiither is great at infinity. For flowers, the 60 would be more than adequate for working distance, but you would be really pushed getting the insects with any regularity. 60 also handles portraits pretty well, with some critics being put off by the sharpness - it shows all blemishes with some cruelty. In short, you would be likely to be happy with either all other things being equal. Try doing a search on the dpreview forum for Nikon lenses, there's a lot of information and samples to help youi make the decision.
  3. I too did research just like you and ended up buying the 105mm for the increased working distance. It is a nice lens that I have also used as a long portrait lens at times.
  4. Francis


    May 7, 2005
    I had both lenses and sold them again to buy the Sigma 180 mm F3,5 DG EX APO MACRO IF HSM. I can't explain why I didn't like the 60 and the 105 mm, they just didn't "feel" good in my hands, the Sigma 180 though, I loved it from the first time I had in on my camera, it had the right "feel" for me. And of course, the working distance is very handy.
    But if I would have to choose I would go for the 105, that's for sure.

    Greetz from Belgium :smile:

  5. The good news is, whichever one you pick, you've made a great decision :biggrin:! But you might want to fine tune your selection. As if it wasn't specialized enough, it turns out there are sbu-specialties within the macro category.

    The long macro lenses, like the Nikon 200mm, are better for insects, because they give you more working distance, but not ideal for table top work because you need too much working distance... and they're also large and heavy. The shorter macro lenses, like the Nikon 60mm, are great for flowers and table top work, but you have to get very close to insects... sometimes within their (and your) comfort zone. The 105mm is a reasonable compromise, but isn't as good for insects as the 200mm, or as well suited for the table top as the 60mm.

    Since I don't usually shoot insects, I've found the 60mm is great for my purposes. It's a very versatile lens, and I've found it useful for...

    macros, of course
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    documentary (I hardly ever need a scanner :smile:) 
    View attachment 15685

    product photography
    View attachment 15686

    general purpose
    View attachment 15687

    As well, it's affordable, and doesn't weigh down my camera bag. And it's pretty good looking, too :wink:.

    View attachment 15688
  6. Wow, Nikon ought to hire you to sell 60mm lenses Frank. Nice images.
  7. Gosh, Uncle Frank…….. I’m sold……….

    The 60mm it is……..

    Thanks everyone for your input, :smile:
  8. FishSauce


    Aug 10, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Macro is my favorite area so I get them all :biggrin:

    AF Micro 200mm:
    Heavy, most of the time need tripot, could be handheld only in bright sunlight
    More working distance, great for insect, usefull when can not get close to subject such as lillies flower in the pond... DOF is excellent

    AF Micro 60mm:
    Light, easy to choose angle
    Not muck of working distance, great when space is limited, excellent where easy to access flower and for fish, reptile in glass tank however not too good for outdoor insect. DOF is good

    AF Micro 105mm:
    Decent working distance. DOF is excellent
    My most use lens. I grab it when walking around without specific objective. I can use as macro, close up, or portrait, etc ...

    It depents on your preference, by the way all three lenses are sharp

    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2005
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