6th Grade football week #2

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  1. Brew

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    Well I improved a little but still missing the sharpness that I see others getting!!! (Such as Frank) Pretty bright sun which seems to be heading south very fast. The field ran north and south as well so shooting to the South was a challenge.


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  2. Well executed shots Brew. Much of the brightness you are looking for in an image is the result of good processing. Are you shooting in RAW or JPEG?
  3. Brew

    Brew Guest

    I'm shooting Jpeg only because of convenience, I would end up needing to convert over 100 photos per game to jpeg and I just don’t have that kind of time. I promised the coach a disc at the end of the season and I want him to have as many I can give him.
    I know I should use layer sharpening too but have been lazy regarding this.
    I’ll usually shoot RAW when I want real good quality like for birds/landscape etc.
  4. dbirdsong

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    I think they are a little under exposed still for one, to try getting a little tighter if you can when you shoot or crop a little more at the PP time.
    But all in all they are getting better.
    Don't give up, shooting sports is not easy, it takes time to learn and the best way is to practice practice practice. (And thank God it doesn't cost anything but time to do that with digital.)
  5. Brew

    Brew Guest

    Thanks Dave. You are right, they are a little under but I keep on having problems blowing the whites out. I adjusted some in PS but maybe I needed to go a bit more?!
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