70-200 VRI + 2* Sigma TC = problem

Jan 14, 2011
Hmmm I just tried out the combo above and it keeps hunting just around the focuspoint, not the entire range but a bit in front and rear of the correct focus. I know it's a f5.6 diafragma but hell in broad-daylight it should focus perfectl.

So I checked every-setting and it seems it doesn't show in the D300s AF-finetune part either as a 2x tc combination.

Okay I went tried my Sigma 70-200 (which I stil have) and it shows perfectly.. strange! Then I tried the same combinations on my moms D50. Same story..

Used equipment:
D300s + 70-200 Sigma = ok
D300s + 70-200 Nikon = ok
D300s + 70-200 Sigma + 2x Sigma TC = ok
D300s + 70-200 Nikon + 2x Sigma TC = problem

D50 + 70-200 Sigma = ok
D50 + 70-200 Nikon = ok
D50 + 70-200 Sigma + 2x Sigma TC = ok
D50 + 70-200 Nikon + 2x Sigma TC = problem

It's a Nikkor 70-200 VRI f2.8 and a Sigma 2* Teleconverter EX DG (from around 2007)... I'll go to a local shop this tuesday to check it out... I just hope the TC or this combination alone is bad and not the lens :(!!!

Have any of you guys had a similar problem? Because Google wasn't my best friend and only gave me bad results..
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