75 Reef Full View

Discussion in 'Birds' started by PhotoByMark, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. Couple people requested me to post a full view of my 75 Reef. Well, here is a shot. I just upgraded my lights to 12k Bulbs (not quite as blue as before). This shot is ok but, I am not real happy with it. What do u think? Slightly over-exposed in some areas I think.

  2. Ken-L

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    It's a good shot.
  3. nice shot! I just got new lighting for my 75, an Outer Orbit HQI. It has 2 of the new 150watt 10,000kelvin metal halides, two compact fluorescent actinics and 6 lunar lights.

    Will borrow a macro and take shots soon.
  4. The Outer Orbits are nice fixtures. I am using 2 48" Fixtures on Frag tanks at the store. I thought about going that route but, I already had the pendants. I did upgrade to electronic ballasts and CoralVue ReefLux 12k bulbs. I like it so far.