A bit of a rant

Discussion in 'Film Forum' started by Davo, May 15, 2007.

  1. Davo


    May 3, 2005
    Las Vegas
    Hi everyone :)

    I just had to vent...and since it was about film, i figured you could all appreciate it in this forum.

    So...i shot some film last weekend, my original plan was to use the film for the assignment, but used digital and film, to make sure i was safe. I never got around to getting the film done until today.

    The pro lab here that I used to go to has closed (could've been months ago, i don't shoot film regularly). Only one of the camera shops even does in-house black and white...though at least they do it only when needed, and take requests. But they don't scan, or at least not properly. The guy glazed over when i asked what dpi they scanned at, or even what resolution the final scan was...he replied with "i don't know, i just scan it to 5x7, its medium quality" (even at 300 dpi that's unacceptable). So I nixed that and just had them process it (its due tomorrow mid-morning...which is fine). So I called Costco (who have been irritating me lately), and apparently they don't scan...I assume this means they only scan what they process...which is irritating, par for the course (why can't they just do it? pretend they processed it and charge me the stupid $4.99 or whatever it is, plus the scan charge?). So, now I'm basically left with having to scan them myself, which means going to school, and spending hours and hours at the Imacon...once somebody is there again, and I'm enrolled in a class...which is june basically. or paying through the nose for someone to spend hours and hours at the imacon. or finding another lab, which is likely hard to find, and in an awful part of town, and probably expensive.

    Las Vegas may have 2 million people...but its not a city, its still just a small town that's not so small.

    sorry for the rant...i just had to get that out, hopefully people will understand, with film getting harder and harder to have done...at least, some places. This is why i have little use for film in my life (unless i bought tanks and chemistry and my own scanner...then i might be inclined...but then i'd be tempted to get a 4x5 and dig out my polaroid back too :p).

  2. i'm glad you got that out!...you needed to..now my smartbut reply..With as much work as goes in to working up film, how could anyone use digital anymore?
  3. Davo


    May 3, 2005
    Las Vegas
    costco is absolved.

    apparently there was just an idiot working there yesterday. i picked up my film, and called them again just for giggles. $0.29/image. not bad. the scans are only 6mp equivalent, but its good enough. sort of irritated at the lab that did the development...the negs are filthy (and costco didn't bother wiping them off evidently).

    also...i still hate plus-x. lol.

    end of story.
  4. I was just going to recommend you to go back at costco and raise hell. Those stupid managers are often ignorant, IMO, when it comes to photography. Pushing them a bit has worked for me in the past...
  5. Davo


    May 3, 2005
    Las Vegas
    i've literally never had a problem with them in 5 years, until this past couple weeks. i just got the one dope on the phone who decided to be a jerk.

    the dirty negs have become more irritating. retouching is such a hassle....and the tri-x has a line of something running from one end to the other. i'm gonna clean them, and print them at work today...hopefully its not a scratch...i'll have to kill someone. :p

    man...i sound like bitter mcbitterton i this thread. i'm not grouchy like this at all...i'm usually pretty cheerful. lol
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