A blast from the past

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  1. I thought this might be interesting...

    Here are three shots taken in the dawn of the modern digital SLR age with the original Nikon D1:

    Shot in 2000 with the 105mm f/2.8 AF Micro (f/4), and with a little mood lighting supplied with a Mini Maglite to augment the natural light, here is a closeup of a garden spider:

    This was also shot with the original 105mm AF Micro, but without the Maglite and at f/8 -- a closeup of a wasp:

    Finally, taken in 2001 with one of the first 300mm f/4 AFS lenses and a TC14e, here's a D1 shot of a male Anna's (f/8):

    Not bad for a sub-3MP dinosaur, eh?

  2. Not bad at all!!! Pretty amazing! I guess good technique accounts for something :wink: At least that is what my teacher taught me and it seems to be working....
  3. Very cool Ron, I have and use extensively an original 105 2.8AF Micro and see no reason to change, it works so well.
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    Cool stuff here.