A bunch of lilies

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  1. Just couldn't resist !

    Fuji S2 with Nikkor 50 mm. f/1.8 D AF - 1:60 @ f/3.3 with SB-80DX bounced to the ceiling - ISO 100 - RAW


    These lilies are just huge: each flower is about 9 inches in diameter ! ...and their perfume... hhhmmmmm !

  2. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Luscious Jean-Pierre. I could almost smell them. :wink:

    Well done.
  3. Jean-Pierre, there are many things I like about this shot: the overall shape of the arrangement, the clean lines of the stems in the vase, and the vase itself is intriguing. My only negative is that the blossoms seem to get lost with the background. The green leaves and even the unopened buds stand out nicely but I feel like I'm struggling to see/appreciate the opened blossoms. Have you tried in PS to alter the background color? Hope I'm not overly critical because I really do like this shot. :)
  4. Thy only word "luxurious". Jean-Pierre did you have your camera repaired or was it only a temporary problem.
  5. Hi Kevin ! First of all: NO ! you're not overly critical ! as long as it's a constructive critic, it's USEFULL !

    The fact is, though, that it tried to get a kind of "high-key" portrait of these flowers... i use to shoot a lot of macros or flowers with a BLACK background, so for once i wanted to change ! I left on purpose the faint shadows on the background and let the whole thing kind of "melt" together, to have a very "soft" effect ! ...maybe i didn't succeeded (sp?)...

  6. Hi Gilles ! Thanks for looking !

    As for my S2 Pro, the problem persist, but only when i have the camera outside with sunshine... as long as i keep it in the shade or inside, it works allright ! As i don't have hte cash to have it repaired, i just use it "as it works"... and if ever i have to take it under the sun for sometime, i just shoot, check the pic and re-adjust accordingly...

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