A Certain Majesty

Discussion in 'Birds' started by beaucamera, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. This crusty buck displays a cetain majesty in the long rays of the setting sun. Shot this evening with the 70-200 VR and 17EII TC at ISO 1600, f/8, 340mm, 1/320 sec.

    aka beaucamera

  2. Hi Virginia, nice capture of a forkhorn mule deer. considering shooting iso 1600 and your combo, turned out great. Did you have to do any noise removal? Nicely done, thanks for sharing!
  3. Yes, Keith, I use Noise Ninja. There are several bucks camping in our neighborhood just now, but they don't really care to be photographed. I got this shot off in a nick of time because this guy and his friends took off right after I shot this.

    Glad you enjoyed my pic.

    Thanks, Virginia
    aka beaucamera
  4. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    This was shot at ISO 1600? Pretty good shot for any ISO, but especially for 1600. :wink:
  5. Another high ISO shot!

    Frank, I am tickled pink. I just got another 1600 ISO shot through a double paned window tonight. It was handheld, 1/30 sec., 340 mm at f/8! What do you think?

    aka beaucamera

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