A change from weddings

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  1. Not my usual subjects by any stretch of the imagination. I'm forcing myself to step out of my comfort zone with mixed results...



  2. nice shots, guy
    i like #s 2 and 3 the most
    well done

    i'm glad to see you taking these kinds of shots
  3. I really like #3 Guy, it has the quality of a painting.
  4. Guy - These are very nice and somehow gentle. Number 2 is my personal favorite.
  5. Great shots Guy, not sure which I like best.... Maybe 2? Very very nice...
  6. Matthias


    Apr 13, 2007
    Central Texas
    Finally a subject you do not have the say "hold it" to :smile: Well done.
  7. Excellent use of DoF and sharp, nice work Guy.