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a cheap lineup

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Knightrider, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. ok i admit it i'm a cheapskate, i hate to pay ridiculous prices for any thing

    on the other hand i do like toys

    here is my lineup and what they cost, please feel free to add your cheap lineup comment etc.

    d70- £200 incl a couple of cf cards and 2 batteries etc
    d50- £100 it's the silver one and the popup flash doesn't work


    zenitar 16mm manual focus-£60 i love this lens, yes i have to guess exposure, but you don't need to focus unless it's closer than a metre, great at about f8

    sig 24/2.8 macro- £60 i paid too much for this on a buy it now but it is a little beauty, AF is noisy but tack sharp and 1to4 macro similar design to the nikkor 28mm ais enables this

    50/1.8- £40, i can't tell the difference from the 1.4

    tamron 90 af 2.5 - £60 absolute bargain, only does 1 to 2 macro but stick a +2 filter on and it's good enough for me, great portrait and street lens too.

    sig 400mm/5.6 apo- £110 small for a 400mm and works well enough


    18-55 kit, £45 used for family occasions, sharp enough

    nikon 70-210 £45 old push pull with 62mm threads, great little lens i got some cracking picks of a RAF seaking helicopter with it the other weekend


    sigma ef 500- £50 it tilts it swivels, it even drops by 4 degrees to work with macro and it's ittl

    my total kit for £815

    it covers everything i need, from bands to wildlife via street
  2. weiran


    Jan 2, 2007
    Nottingham, UK
    I just got a used D40 as a backup that cost £105 and a 18-55 and 55-200VR combo for under £150 new.

    My Fuji S5 Pro is my main camera at £500 (which I think was a bargain), and with the Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 it makes a great low budget combo that will challenge even the most top end cameras on image quality.
  3. neimac


    May 26, 2008
    LOL Cheap can be fun too. I bought +1, +2 and +4 filters and use them on my
    50mm 1.4 lens allot, seems to work OK. I cant see myself paying more then $1000 for lens to often so I am sure my lineup will be rather similar.

    D50, 50mm 1.4, 55-200mm and 18-55mm kit lenses
  4. i got a used D50 for $225 last year, then I got a D3, D300, and a 300VR....the money I saved on the D50 sure came in handy
  5. I'm with you , Gary.

    I recently got a D1x for $300. (160. pounds?)
    I love it. use it all the time.

    I think the only photo gear I have ever bought new
    was my D70, an SB600, and CF cards.

    I started shooting 35mm in the early 80's, and always
    bought used when I could then too.
  6. Honestly, as much as I am relatively happy with my relatively cheap lineup, I do lust after some very expensive lenses. My biggest expense was for my D200, which I bought used, along with the battery grip and RRS L-plate, all for $900. As you can see from my sig line, I do have cheap gear. It's only because I cannot afford the expensive stuff, except I did spent lots on my support gear.

    I do lust after a Nikkor 300 2.8, a Sigma 150 macro, a quality wide, i.e. 17-55 or 12-24, maybe a 500 f/4. I've read that although the cheap lenses give relatively adequate results, and admittedly, some very good results, at times, the pro quality gives consistently excellent results (obviously the skill of the shooter is paramount), and once you do shoot with pro lenses, you "get it", you will never go back. I look at the results of pro and amateur shooters using pro lenses at a site like NatureScapes forums (registration required), and I am in awe at their skills. So, I lust. Big time.
  7. Count me in on the cheap stuff. The most expensive lens I own is the Sigma 30 1.4. My signature shows you the rest of my stuff.
  8. Try the 70-150mm Series E, I konw your bodeis cant meter it, witha D200 you could but for the rediculously low orices it is going for, it is a wonderful sharp little lens.

    Also try the Nikon 35-135mm AF, I dont know why people are not picking up on this lens, it is a very good performer wide open, very good wedding rnage and my last one was $120....
  9. lol

    good job i can't afford a pro lens then...

    may have to look into that one, i've tried manual focus lenses but without a proper mf focus screen it's very difficult, specially with a tele lens
  10. Add me to the cheapy list:

    D300 18-200 combo for $2,000 new
    50 1.8 four months old as new $70
    SB800 three months old as new $250
    85 1.8 used for $250
    Sig 24-70 new for $172
    Sig 10-20 used once $350

    I've been luck buying the used stuff from craigslist. I live in the Los Angeles area so there are tons of listings. You just have to be patient and wait for your price.
  11. An interesting subject, as always. I feel there is a threshold of performance that I try to stay above; once a lens qualifies, I look for fit-to-purpose for my work..almost everything must be carried and used in tough country so the lusty uber-zooms and filterless lenses select themselves out of contention.

    That leaves plenty of the current offering and back catalogue however, including so many great AIS lenses, plus the 70-300VR, the 1.8 aperture portrait lenses, the cheap 50s and the little 45P. The wides are a major disappointment, I am afraid, heavy bulky 12-24 and 10-20s.

    I doubt, no I *know*, that the pro lenses cannot turn a sow's ear in to a silk purse, image wise...as I get plenty of 'second raters' from my Mamiya 7. I pity the poor dudes that to haul these things all day, holding them plus a pro body over their heads to photograph Bush or someone.

    As a postscript to the above, a D200 or similar body works great with older lenses, re metering. And D200s are now as popular as yesterday's news, with a price to match on the second hand market. Still a fine camera, though.
  12. InLimbo87


    Jul 30, 2008
    Orlando, Fl
    I've been pretty impressed with the 50mm f/1.8d so far, and it can be had for just at $100. I've also got an 18-70mm on the way that I picked up for 160 shipped used. Its supposedly a big step over the kit lens (18-55mm), and still cheap when it comes to quality lenses.
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