a cople test shot with my D200...

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR' started by Picturepro, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. Does this look right.... baby seats in Enzo Ferrari and a Callaway Corvette

    This Show happens every Saturday 615AM line up and 7AM park to 8:45AM
    Crystal Cove, So. California

    I was using f2.8 and f3.2 , 100-200 ISO with limited focus, I shot some on Kelvin and some in open shade
    lighting was very difficult messing with all the WB Options
    I have a home page with .mac but the site is not working tonight and cant publish anything :(
    I ran these throught a autobatch file just to size to 600x? and save for web
    no sharpening or correction... from camera with no correction

    Enzo with baby seat
    this I did mess with levels a little ... over did channel 3 with adding blue

    and the vette with baby seat

    look at this old beauty.... wow..

    only in California.... :)
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  2. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    They look pretty good, although a few could'a used more DOF. I' heard a lot about this C.C. Love that Black Aston. the Classic F and the Enzo. What lens was used for these? So, you used NO in-camera or post processing sharpening at all? Also, it's long been my understanding that a small amt of final sharpening is needed after reducing for web.
  3. 17-55mm
    Image sharpening... Low
    I like to to add sharpening after I'm done with retouching, levels and cropping. In the past some image look fake... with image sharpening or over sharpening on post production

    It was my intent to have very little other than what I'm photographing in focus

    Post processing batch....
    strat > Open > size 900x? > save jpg-12 to folder > stop

    I could add image sharpening to the batch file... but my work is so different from one job to the next... it will look fake in more times than it worth

    One image was corrected more ,,, Enzo with doors open... I over adjusted levels

    I did several test shots on location and messed with all the modes and WB options and exposure comp +.3 and -.3

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