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A Couple of Fix-er-upers

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by bobhoge, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Padloping Island, off of Baffin Island, Canada, was a US (Army) Air Force weather station from the 1940's to 1953. The Canadian Navy took it over then and it remained in use for several more years. Now abandoned.

    There are several vehicles here needing just a few "minor" repairs :rolleyes: 
    Just remount that radiator:
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    and get that engine back in working order:
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    Oh yeah, the interior may need a bit of work:
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    You might be able to use this to get it our of the muck:
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    When you finish with that one, there is another one waiting nearby:
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    Bob & Nan
  2. Interesting place. What brought you there? I especially like the first and last images. Looks like a cold ghost town. Thanks for the post.
  3. GeorgeV


    Aug 7, 2008
    Nice pics, thanks for sharing!
  4. Great series!!! I worked for the Canadian forces for 16 years and did a lot of enviromental studies at abandoned DEW line and topiscatter radar sites. The most interesting was Baf 5 which was built in 61 and abandoned in 72. We were testing for pcb's and there was junk everywhere. I came back pretty heavy with some extra "soil samples" if you know what I mean...It's amazing what gets left behind. At CFS Alert there are still a couple of small cat bulldozers that were never used. They were shipped from Rhode Island in 53 and the origional paint and shipping info is still painted on the blades. Normally the control lines and instruments are cut when a machine is abandoned... Thanks for the tour down memory lane......


  5. interesting shots, bob
    very odd place

    great story, as well.... Ted
  6. Hi Ted,

    Might one of your stops been the Home Bay DEW line station?
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    Or any old RCMP outposts, like this one in a different location in Home Bay?
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    I will add a thread on those someplace here soon.

  7. Hi Jan,

    This stop was part of a 2 week adventure with Lindblad Expeditions on their new ship the National Geographic Explorer. We flew from Ottawa, Canada, to the west coast of Greenland and then back to Baffin Island, Devon Island (and historic little Beechy Island (all in Canada). It was very interesting with lots to photograph.

    I did a summary of the trip in the Wanderlust section now that I have worked through all the photos from the trip, here is a link to it: Greenland and the Canadian High Arctic

    Bob & Nan
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  8. Hey Bob

    Home Bay doesn't ring any bells for me. The terrain looks familiar but above a certain latitude a lot of areas are slate gray and you loose all sense of direction. I do have some pics on film of hundreds of rusting fuel drums and "the millionaires dump" at CFS Alert. Most vehicles I found were beyond redemption but I did get a willys jeep going that was left behind by a Danish crew. When I came back the following year the jeep was totally trashed with four flat tires. At one site our Inuit hunter (bear gaurd) scored a pile of platinum contacter plates from some heavy electrical switching gear. I was proudly displaying some vintage cataloges I found and he pulled a few hundred dollars worth of metal out of his pocket.....


  9. Hi Ted,

    Like these:wink::
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    Per the local guide, someone started a clean-up that smashed the drums but they ran out of time or money before removing them. They were supposed to return someday, No sign of the machine that could smash a 55 gallon drum.:confused: 

  10. Hey Bob

    Yep..but nothing that neat looking, at Baf 5 it looks like the boys were rolling full 45 Gallon arctic antifreeze drums down a 800 foot cliff. It looked like a rapid evacuation there. The projector was still in ther rec centre and many personal pictures along with the standard centrefolds were left hanging in the qtrs. There is still a lot of undiscovered stuff in Canadas vast north. Around 1990 a German citizen wrote the defence dept. asking if there were any remains of a German weather station he and his crew set up on the Labrador coast to assist U boats in WW2. A reconisance mission by the military found the weather station untouched from the day they left in 1944. Some egg on the face for our miltary but what goes up north stays up north.........


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