A cute story, and wedding pix to come....

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  1. My daughter is leaving her Grammar school for Jr. Hi next year. She cried because she's leaving her, "Favorite Teacher Of All Time".. :rolleyes:
    Miss Jones is a very young pretty blonde, very out going, exhuberant personality. She's born to teach and it shows.
    Just before Christmas, her boyfriend was at school for the Christmas Concert the kids were putting on.
    Once during the day for the school and then that evening for all the parents.
    Immediately after the Concert, he surprised her in the classroom. She introduced him to the class. My daughter was in the 2nd row! He said "kids, you're gonna like this" with a huge grin on his face.....
    Produced a single red rose, dropped to one knee, and in front of a giggling class of 28, proposed marriage.
    Fortunately:tongue: she accepted !
    Anyway this aft is that wedding and she invited the class to the church! So off we go, my daughter and I, D200 & the Beast, iso 100 " f sunny 16" on a blazing sunny 80 degree day here in Chicago.
    I brought my flash if they allow it so I may get a couple of them coming down the aisle afterwards.
    Hopefully, respectable pix to come...my 1st Wedding... sort of, and yes, I'll stay well out of the way of the Pro :smile:
  2. Jim, that is a cute story and I look forward to your images.
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