A day at the Oxford Botanical Gardens (105 VR)

Jul 20, 2007
Very impressive images sir. Also congratulations on getting an offer of study at Oxford.
Jul 26, 2008
San Diego, CA
Very impressive images sir. Also congratulations on getting an offer of study at Oxford.
Thank you! It's been a dream of a summer :eek:

Great set, and great blog... I went through all of the pages and I was impressed by every shot...
Wow, Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed it!

Your photos are great. The 105 f/2.8 VR is on my wish list.
It's a good one, if your primary concern is Macro, consider the non-VR version as well, its a bit cheaper and just as sharp. I use mine a good bit for portrait photography so the VR is somewhat handy.

I wished I had shot #1 for myself.

It would be a 20"x30" gallery wrap print somewhere in my home.
Thanks! I like the photo as well, not sure I want a pinkish colored flower on my wall though :wink:

Nice images, #5 and #10 are my favorites.
Thank you sir!

Great shots Joey! Are they all hand held?
1 and 10 are with a tripod. Thanks!

Wonderful images............the 105mm VR is one of my favorite.

Looks like a great place to shoot Joey, and you did it very well. Love that 105VR. One of my all-time favorites...
It was unbelievable, I tried my best to capture it!

You should check out some of the college gardens. Certain colleges really take a lot of pride in their displays, eg Magdalen.

PS Nice pictures btw ;)
I'll have to try to get over there. I'm at worcester, it's very nice as well. Lots of images from it are on my blog.

Excellent. This lens does a great job with flowers. I assume these are hand held.
All except 1 and 10

great job bro...cactus and bee are by far my favorites but the others are nothing less than amazing.
:biggrin: If you're nice to me I'll let you borrow the lens when I get back to ATL :wink:

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