A day for the birds

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Randy, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. Nacoya

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    those GBH shots are marvellous randy ..

    in fact they all are ..

    what's the LISA ?

    (haven't been into di-uk yet so i'll probably ask this again :lol: )
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  2. thc nacoya ?
    threw me mate

    most were the 300/4 + TC (the TC rocks again)...a few the 70-300
    F7 or 8 i think
    iso 250-400 (it was cloudy)
  3. Nacoya

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  4. Sweet shots pal. Appears you're getting good use of the boat so far this year :smile:

    Btw, I held GBR's new weapon of choice :wink: Neat camera and felt like a damn brick. Heard they had something new coming out in May :tongue:
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    Nice job there....wish I could have made it...we had too much to do around here though.
  6. Great Randy! Looks like you had a good day :) What lens did you use?

  7. thx Peter...today was alot of fun even if no one ever wants to go w/ me :smile:
    3 boat trips so far thi s season already...getting it ready for your visit
    detail guy comes out next week
    it's a 21' chris craft w/ a 280hp V8 (Bow Rider)...lots of room for tripods and big glass
  8. thx Josh...yea I was disapointed you or eric couldn't make it...the gbh-s are out of cntl.....wait till u see them all fly straight up at the same time...they did it twice and i wasn't ready either time
  9. thx Anthony...
    mostly the 300/4 + 1.4 TC and some 70-300VR
  10. Sweet boat :smile:

    I'm in Europe for spring break with the family, but I'm going to try to break free in May to pop down to NC. Never been in Tarheel Country :wink:

    Maybe I'll bring down a Mark III if they're available then :tongue:
  11. have fun and be safe
  12. Great captures Randy, you make it look so easy :smile:
  13. Randy! These are just gorgeous! I love em all and can't even pick a favorite! Beautiful lighting, wonderful captures!

  14. thx Panos
  15. thx Dianne