A Different Look..

From my Tara..

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More experimenting, so more to come. We got some REALLY cool images in this outfit/make up.. I can't wait to process them.
I like the image and the intensity of the look. I am not a fan of the white makeup around the eyebrows. I do like the way the slight shadows in the cheek area gives a gaunt, high cheekbone look, to the model. Well done.
Well, there's a first for everything. This shot doesn't do it for me. Not sure why? Combination of the white/wide makeup on the eyes and maybe even the processing. The photo looks "old" to me. By the way, I do this every once in awhile just to try to change my image of only posting "nice photo!". :biggrin: I usually love your stuff. :smile:
that's ok - i'm not in love with this shot either, but a lot of other people have liked it so it's interesting hearing the mixed reviews. I actually feeled mixed about it myself.. things I like, things I don't. i'm having a blast with experimentation though.. I don't think I've put my camera down for days haha. :)
The MU doesn't bother me, it's just out of place with the flat lighting and stoic expression. Everything about the shot is so "safe" that it makes the MU look too jarring.
Hmmmmmm, my first thought was "striking". I don't know if I like it or not, but it has shock value. Made me look twice.

It does seem to have that 70's era look to it. Perhaps it's the colors that have me thinking that. Kinda "Twiggy".
For me the crop is a bit too tight and the lighting too harsh. Great face on the model...the makeup doesn't really bother me. More the composition and lighting that seems off. Close though.