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  1. I stopped for a night in Fresno on my way from Redding to Los Angeles. During my short stay, I captured the following images.


    2- St John's Catholic Cathedral


    4- A rare photograph with a person in the frame!






    During the trip, I saw a lot of wall art. It started in Fresno. But, things really picked up in Las Vegas...there was an incredible amount of super colorful wall art. Then, in Tucson I photographed some incredible wall art.

    All images captured with my D800. No ETA for my D850!

    Thanks for looking...
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  2. Butlerkid

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    Fresno is near where I grew up. Tough town, these days.................... I like the processing of #1 and 9.
  3. Thanks Karen...I was surprised how big Fresno is these days. Its population has surpassed Sacramento. It's now the fifth most populous city in California. Fresno is now more populated than Miami, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Cleveland, St. Louis, Pittsburgh--just to name a few. This is just the city population...not metro--but still!

  4. It's a really interesting series, Glenn, but I especially like the gradient that Mother Nature added to your last photo. I've been away from the Cafe for a few years and it has been lots of fun seeing your recent photos in other threads as well.

    My wife and I were on our honeymoon in Fresno for an evening in between going to the national parks. There wasn't much going on so we saw the third Star Wars movie. That pretty much dates us, huh.
  5. That first shot is timeless. The bike rider sure helps out by looking at the mural!
  6. Thanks Mike...hopefully more members will become active in the Cafe again with the new format. I think I've only seen one or two movies since Star Wars, I'm not far behind you there!
    Thanks Nick...

  7. I really love #4 - the old time bike adds just the right counterpoint to the wall art. Another fine series.
  8. Thank you, Ted...for number 4, I was shooting a bracketed exposure--3 shots. When the biker rode by, I quickly snapped the exposure--it was the one that was one stop under. Fortunately, it was easy to adjust the exposure in LR and recover the colors and detail.

  9. Gotta love the DR of the "800" series - just think if the D850 could be better? I look forward to your review.
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  10. An interesting set Glenn.

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  11. rick_reno


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    Nice shots Glenn. I remember that sign over the street, I got stuck hitch hiking there on my way to Yosemite in the summer of 1967. Really hot, dry place that was not friendly to folks with long hair, and that sign is all I can remember. Hard to catch a ride there.
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  12. Thanks Rick...that sign is a couple of miles outside of downtown. It took me a while to find it. It was hot when I was there, too. Well over 100 degrees.

  13. Thanks...

  14. Fresno to me was always a town I passed on the freeway while driving from Pleasanton to Sacramento to visit relatives. Thanks for sharing your perspective on the town.
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