A few from the pond yesterday.

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Lou Buscher, May 14, 2007.

  1. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Really really nice Lou
    That slide shot works nice the way you have it set up now....
  2. Thanks Ray, Good thing I have some wildlife around me as I am tied down pretty good with my knee. I am waiting a few days to take a good look into the red shoulder nest from another spot I have set up where she cant see me
    (yeah like a hawk can't see):biggrin: I will set up a blind and use my 800 or my 500 +1.4 to get into the nest and get a count.
  3. Thanks Gale, it's a freebe from FlickR but I did complain to Yahoo about the photos sizes as they seem kind of small on my monitor. They said they would look into it. I like it because you can show a complett story with out a lot of posting but it does require some work getting it ready. I want to work on my next one about some rehab and release of bald eagles. Great stories and feelings of seeiing these great birds up close and going back to their way of life. I love being in on every one I can.
  4. Very nice Lou.
  5. Thank you Jim Most are FF photos and the slide show size makes them seem small to me. How does the size look to you on your monitor?
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