A few from the Tucson Botanical Gardens...

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  1. Shot these yesterday at the Tucson Botanical Gardens:




    I'm partial to the first one.

  2. David, that first image kicks butt. Nicely done.
  3. I also love #1.
  4. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    first image is spectacular...wow
  5. Amazing image Dave! You should be proud and thanks for sharing it!

  6. thanks

    Thanks for the comments. I really do like the first shot. I know what I was going for in the second two, but the lighting didn't quite get me there. A black background would have been better. I even tried exposing for HDR, but to no avail. I still like the pattern of those two though. I'll have to try again later. Here's another shot from Friday, in color and b&w. The bw conversion was heavy on the blue channel. I found, a long time ago, that with really green plants, the blue channel is almost always black wherever there is green. This leads to some really intersting possibilities with the bw conversion. If you remember my succulent shot I posted a while back, that was almost all blue channel. Here the center of the leaves was completely black in the blue channel and it looked a little weird so I included some more red channel:



  7. I'm partial to the first one as well. It's amazing. The rest are good, but you shouldn't have shown them with the first one. It's in a different class. Nice work, Dave.
  8. BigPixel

    BigPixel Guest

    Great eye for composition and very nice editing. The first and last are simply killer!
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