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Discussion in 'People' started by Uncle Frank, May 17, 2005.

  1. I had lunch with Cody and Nici today... the young couple whose wedding I photographed a few weeks
    ago. They're moving back home to Phoenix this weekend, and as a going away present, I gave
    them a small album containing 20 of my favorite shots from their wedding in 5x7 size.


    We ate at their favorite Japanese restaurant, and the owner and staff asked to see the album.
    The expressed great enthusiasm for the marriage and the pictures, and brought us a complimentary
    plate of sushi, arranged in heart patterns as congratulations. Afterwards, the Sushi Chef asked me
    for my business card, as he's interested in some photos of his family to send back to Japan. I
    grabbed a few snaps to give him an idea of my approach.

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    I've grown very fond of Cody and Nici since they moved to California last year, and it was hard
    to say goodbye... so I hid behind my camera and took a parting shot of them.

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    But then they told me the good news. Cody's brother is getting married in October, and wants
    to fly me out to do his wedding, too :). That will be great fun! Here's a shot I took of him and
    his lady at Cody and Nici's wedding.

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    Note: all the above were taken with the Nikon D70, 28-70/2.8 zoom, and SB800.
  2. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    Nice. Sounds like you are getting to be the regular pro wedding photographer. Kudos to you.
  3. Thanks, Leigh. If you and Patrick decide you want to renew your vows, just give me a shout ;).
  4. Very nice Frank, I like the relaxed atmosphere on the first shot. That was nice of you to give them the images as a present. What a guy.
  5. We're not related by blood, but Nici and Cody are like family to Nancy and me, Gordon. I'm really going to miss having them around.
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