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A few GBH flight shots

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Flew, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    I went back over to the Guntersville dam yesterday for a couple of hours, determined to get some flight shots of these guys. Fishermen were all along the shoreline where we shot last week, so I couldn't get nearly as close. Had to use the 1.7 TC which made the shots quite a bit less sharp and detailed. Here are a few samples.

    All taken with the D2H / 300mm f2.8 + 1.7 TC.





    Thanks for stopping by.
  2. WOW oh flight king I bow at your feet! The third one is just fantastic, looks liek you have a real honey spot there at Guntersville
  3. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

    Nice work Frank.. man I need to take a road trip to Alabama... along with many other places... :) 
  4. drueter


    Apr 24, 2005
    Southeast Texas
    Beautiful flight shots, Frank!! Looks like a great location!
  5. Absolutely fantastic photos Frank!!!
    You have captured the moment my friend ;-)
  6. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Yeah Flew,

    Those are really dull..

    think you need to give that rig to me. Don't do you no good no mooooo.....

    Really sharp as a tack..Annnnnnnndddddd Beautiful
  7. The chemist

    The chemist

    Jul 22, 2005
    Truly amazing,I have yet to be less than amazed with the shots you have taken. Love #1
  8. You are the Master !
  9. Gordon Large

    Gordon Large Guest

    Hey Frank -

    These shots are flippin' amazing.Not as sharp as you would like, huh? Well I will probably have a bottle of champagne when I finally capture shots like these.

  10. Beautiful series Frank!!
  11. Frank, just because I am such a Nice Guy I'll be happy to take that "not sharp" TC-17 off your hands. I agree, I can't see a bit of detail in any of these shots. They are sure the strangest looking Osprey I have ever seen.....

    TC-17, not sharp, what are ye? Daft Man :?: :?: :?: :?:

    You, sir, are being far too picky....sheesh :wink:

    Nice series, and just move the fisher-persons out of your way next time....intimidate them with that Big Lens of yours......
  12. Nice shots Frank! Really like the last one.

  13. What a series, yet again! :shock: You are making it look so easy, Frank. :p  It's hard to pick a favorite here: I like them all, but perhaps a slight preference for #2. Well done, Mr. Flew! :lol:
  14. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Thanks everyone for the kind words.

    This place truly is a GBH shooters dream. The only problem is, they are there for the fish, but so are the fishermen (and women). I got several shots (including #1 and #3 above) of birds with fishing lures embedded in their legs or bodies. It's almost never good to mix people and wildlife so closely.

    We would love for you all to come and shoot with us. At least here we can almost guarantee plentiful subjects to shoot. Just let me know if you are going to be in the area, and we will plan a trip (it's less than an hour from where I live).
  15. Beautiful series Frank. You make it look like it is easy but we all know better. Some day I would sure like to be able to do that. Nice job.
  16. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    To some (like Harris, Mike, Jim, Ron, Yves) it comes naturally, but for me it's a matter of a lot of practice. My D2H just turned over 50K shutter actuations. :?

    Thanks for the nice words. :wink:
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