A few Hummer shots

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    Nov 16, 2007
    Forney, Texas
    Finally I am posting some hummingbird pictures. I am open for all suggestions and critique on how to make them better. These were taken between 10'-20' away and I used a 70-200 VR lens with 1.7 telcv. I cropped them on CaptureNX but dont have a clue what Im doing. Thanks for any suggestions


    Nov 16, 2007
    Forney, Texas
    Alright let me start by saying that I am ate up with stupid. I will figure this out one day I promise.
  3. Hi Bear,

    I have no idea of what settings you used but all the images look soft.
    Your lens is a VR lens so I guess you handled the camera shake o.k.
    So my question is what shutter speed you used. Especially for in-flight shot,
    you'll need 1/500s or faster but sometimes you can get away at slower than
    that. For hummers perching on a tree,make sure you get at least
    1/100s or faster and use burst mode for both in-flight and still shots.

    When I was in AZ,I stuck with f/8(for pearching hummer shots)
    because I wanted to get as much details as possible but that also
    limited the shutter speed even if I used iso1600. Early in the morning,
    I could only get 1/15s and ironically that's when I got the best
    opportinity to shoot Blue-throated hummingbird but they were all soft.
    As the sun got higher I started getting a higher shutter speed, from 1/15s to
    1/40s to 1/100s to 1/125s and higher. And the images got sharper.
    And I always used high burst mode.

    Also,pick a ideal perching tree where you can get a good light and a good
    background and remember where it is. When I was in AZ, I picked 3-4 favorite
    perching trees and I just waited for them to come.

    It's a good start Bear, keep on shooting.:smile:


    Nov 16, 2007
    Forney, Texas

    I know that I had it set @ f/4.? (with the tele.), the ISO was between 200-500. I did not have the VR on since I was using the tripod with a new "ball" type head on it. I had the camera set in Aperture priority. These pics were early in the morning so light wasnt the best. Shutter speed was between 200-400. Im still learning. Where we live it is about 150 yards to a tree line so all I have is my chain link fence, one new tree (looks about dead), and five small crepe myrtle trees. I am planning on fixin up the back yard landscape to attract more hummers. This weekend there was a hummingbird celebration (seminars, home tours, banding, photography classes, etc) in Rockport, TX near Corpus Christi that I was going to but I think hurricane Ike may get there before I can. Those hummers are fast and strong but I dont think they can handle 120 mph winds.
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    Nov 13, 2007
    I like the pics!