A few more from "Les 12 heures de La Tuque"

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  1. Here are a few more pictures I took yesterday during the first 4 hour leg of the 12 hour event in La Tuque, QC. They had 2 different tracks: 1 was 6.3 km long for the motocross and the other was 4.2 km for the ATVs. They held 3 - 4 hour sessions.

    The first one was Saturday afternoon from 1 PM to 5 PM. The second one aka the night race was held from Saturday at 9 PM to Sunday morning at 1 AM and the last leg of the race was held this morning from 10 AM to 2 PM.

    I could only attend the first leg of the race so I did not get to shoot the night race which might have been technically interesting but if zonephoto.ca is there next year, I'll make sure I can stay the whole week-end in order to watch the whole 12 hours of racing.

    Here's ons from the motocross track...

    ... and a few from the ATV track.


  2. Very cool shots looks liek a lot of fun for sure
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    let's see some more :)
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    way cool ... !
  5. Here we go !

    First corner right after the start !

    A few laps later... Overtaking in turn 1 !

    These guys have no time to loose. Even in a 12 hour race.

    There were 62 ATVs but only 20 bikes. I did grab a few nice shots with the bikes too.

    They had many obstacles on the track. They seemed quite easy at the beginning but after a few hours, things started to become more difficult.

    These guys sure had a lot of fun !

    And now, the sportrait section.

    What would be racing like without beautiful young women ?

    One a the ATV rider during the pre-race meeting.

    And last but not least, my boss and partner JeffP