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A few more from Viera

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Kevin Scott, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. Finished processing a few more samples of creatures from Viera. All taken with the 300/f4 + 1.7tc

    A Tricolor Heron

    A Yellow Legs (Greater or Lesser??)

    Gale & I have a joke about this particular tree in the center of the wetlands. The top of it always tricks us into thinking there's a bird sitting on top because of its shape. This time there was a kingfisher sitting up there!

    Then I had to crop quite a bit to get to these as he was pretty far out, but he was divebombing


    Not a bird, but on our last round we saw this soft shelled turtle sunning himself. It was quite an interesting view with his hind legs dangling in the water!
  2. bfjr

    bfjr Guest

    these are great Kevin
    crisp, sharp, bright, really jump out at ya especially the Tri shot that's my fav right now till I look again!!

    300F4 + 1.7 Hmmm been toying with that idea myself. Some say no others say depends. What do you say??
  3. Ooops! Forgot one. In honor of my shooting pal, Gale!

  4. Hey Ben! I have no complaints with the 300 + 1.7, especially when stopped down to about f7.1 or f8. All of these recent posts of mine have been with that combo. No degradation in my opinion. I like the extra reach!

    Thanks for looking!
  5. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Roflmao Kevin..
    That thing will haunt me forever!!!!
    I am honored :>)))

    That turtle shot turned out perfect....
    No way I could get a shot of the turtle. They go so fast. Had I gotten out of the car, he would have been in the water faster than a kingfisher flies :>)))
    I think the Kingfisher came out extremly well.. Good shot on him.

    All the rest turned out just great.

    Guess we are ready to go at it again tomorrow. LOLOL
  6. Very nice the kingfisher is on the top of my list to shoot next time down there.
  7. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Kevin, your credibility continues to drop. If this is what you get on a 'slow' shooting day, I'd hate to see what you get on a good day. :biggrin:

    Very well done, especially the K-F. :wink:
  8. Hi Sweetie! Glad you like the shots, including Mr Vulture! Only took 2 of the turtle from the driver's seat so glad they turned out good. I think maybe we need to start crawling around on our bellies to sneak up on some of the birds like the KF! :redface:

    The plan is to go to Viera tomorrow. I'll send a PM later. Remember to stop at Publix and pick up some chicken! :wink:
  9. The KF at Viera are really hard to get close to. They fly off as soon as you raise the camera. I think they really like to tease us as they'll suddenly appear and do a fly-by so quickly you don't even realize what's happened till it's over. I'm sure they'll still be around by Feb!
  10. Thanks Frank! Well, Gale was the one saying the day was a bust at first. It hasn't been until I've been going through my shots that I realized I had some good ones. :wink:

    How do I regain my credibility?:Angel:

    Wish me luck as we're planning on hitting Viera again tomorrow! :Waldo:
  11. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Well, I guess we'll give you a pass this time. :wink:

    Good luck on your trip tomorrow. Patrick, Chris, and I (and I'm sure a bunch of others) are heading over to the Eagle's nest in the morning. Wish us luck too. :smile:
  12. Much appreciated, Frank! I'll try not to let you down! ;) 
  13. HarryB


    Jan 28, 2005
    Viera, Florida
    Excellent set Kevin. Just think how much nicer the kingfisher shots would have been with a 500mm. :biggrin:
  14. Kevin this is another great series. Sure wish I could go there. I know Louie will have a wonderful time and will tell me all about it when he gets back and make me want to go all the more. Love those Kingfishers!! Not easy to get them in flight like you did. Congratulations.
  15. Thanks Harry and Jim! I was hoping to get to meet and shoot with Louie. Not sure when he's leaving.

    Still trying to get some better KF shots but as Harry says, the one's at Viera are just plain evil! Dash off just as you raise the camera!
  16. Kevin,
    you suck!!:biggrin: (kidding).. Seriously, those King fisher shots are pretty cool.. Also like the tricolor and yellow legs...

    We have a kingfisher out here we saw on Saturday, but he way too far away but flying around.. He also had something in his beak most of the time...
  17. Ha ha, Eric! Very funny!! Thanks for the kind words, though, I do appreciate it.

    Determined to get a great KF shot,
  18. The Tricolor is awesome.

    I really like the Kingfisher also, I'm with Frank - I wish I could have bad days like this.

  19. Thanks again, Brett! The tricolors are really nice to shoot when the light's just right. Sometimes we take the "common" ones for granted, so it's nice to have a bad day every now and then to go back to the basics.
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