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A few shots from last night's ballgame in Newport

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by Harry Lavo, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. As I mentioned in my post on the ballpark, the Gulls home field is difficult to shoot in because of the fencing. So I concentrated on getting good individual shots of some of the players. I'm especially pleased of the shots I got from behind home plate of Holyoke's best pitcher (who has an ERA of .41).

    Getting the sign.
    1/320s f/6.3 at 220.0mm iso800

    Deliver'n the Goods.
    1/320s f/6.3 at 240.0mm iso800

    And doing it again.
    1/250s f/6.3 at 170.0mm iso800

    Some other players:

    1/500s f/8.0 at 300.0mm iso800

    1/320s f/6.3 at 300.0mm iso800

    1/400s f/8.0 at 270.0mm iso800

    And here's how that last fellow got so dirty -

    1/500s f/8.0 at 270.0mm iso800

    1/500s f/8.0 at 300.0mm iso800

    C&C are welcome as usual. Thanks for looking.
  2. nice shots Harry, sounds like you had some challenges (from your other post) that you were able to work around.
  3. Thanks for looking, Chris.

    Shot through the webbing, mostly. I sat at the very top of the 3rd base line bleacher seats for most of them...that way I could shoot down through the webbing, with only turf of backdrop. For the few good action shots I got, I lost dozens to the webbing. The pitcher shots were taken through the heavy mesh fencing behind home plate...with dozens of kids jostling by me on the way to the refreshment stand.

    Nonetheless the game started at 6:30pm (1/2 hour earlier than they do in Holyoke) so the lighting was better, enough so that my 70-300 backup lens with 1.4x telextender could be used at f/8.0 during the first three innings, a rare luxory for me. So I was happy enough.
  4. Harry
    May I make a suggestion when shooting sports f8 is not usually needed, if you shot wide open you would have a faster shutter speed. I know how difficult shooting through the webbing is but a wide open lens will handle shooting through it better than one stopped down.
  5. GBRandy


    Feb 28, 2006
    Green Bay, WI
    Great advice Mike....but alas, that 70-300 Sigma Harry has with a 1.4 extender attached IS wide open at f8.

    Harry....you need to spend some time in the lens lust forum! Surely a 300 f2.8 would make things better....
  6. Oh my bust, I didnt realzie that I need to read the posts better.
  7. Nice captures under difficult circumstances Harry.
  8. Mike - it was needed in this case as I was using my backup Sigma 70-300 with the Kenko 1.4x extender for those f8.0 shots...that's all she would do. As it got into the third inning I removed the extender and it dropped to f5.6.
    My Nikon 70-200 is at the Nikon repair facility awaiting refurbishment of its locking ring.

    Otherwise, I certainly agree with you. Once the Nikon is back I will be shooting: 80-200 f2.8, 280 f4.0, and 400 f5.6 using the two Kenko extenders.
  9. I already have, Randy, that's where the 80-200 came from. But I decided it and the two teles were all I could afford this season...and I look forward to getting the Nikon back from the repair depot (I timed it for a gap in the home schedule...figured I could cover Newport with the Sigma).

    There is a D200 and a 300/2.8 somewhere in the hopefully not-too-distant future.

    Thanks for looking and for your perceptiveness.
  10. Thanks, Larry. The way I look at it, the difficulty keeps it from getting boring.:Wink:

    Thanks for looking and for your kind comment.
  11. Hey Mike, no problem. I appreciate your taking the time to look and to comment.
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