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A few small birds

Discussion in 'Birds' started by mike mac, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. Was testing out my new combo...gitzo 1325 Markins M20 and Wimberly Sidekick. Using the D2H and the 300 f4. Now this must seem like overkill but I like it is is silky smooth and will shine when trying to get some in flight shots. This is a very stable setup, unfortunately I did not get many models two work with in the brief time I got to shoot.
    Here they are thanks for looking
    Female House Finch
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    Mourning Dove
    View attachment 11515
    Male Goldfinch on feeder
    View attachment 11516
  2. Derek


    May 1, 2005
    Very nice pics! :wink:
  3. drueter


    Apr 24, 2005
    Southeast Texas
    Nice shots, as usual, Mike! That combo is great for flight shots and I've even had some success with it hand held.
  4. Nice Shots

    Hi Mike,
    Nice shots. You are going to love working with the Sidekick. :D 
  5. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    You are right Mike. This combo is great, even for perched shots. It is just so stable, and so smooth, and so much easier to get and stay lined up on your target than a ballhead alone. I could never go back.

    Very nice pics BTW. :wink:
  6. Thanks Derek
  7. Thanks it is quite a nice setup cant wait to give it a real good workout
  8. Re: Nice Shots

    Ed it is so smooth and with the markins head it moves effortlessly
  9. You are so right I will use the balhead only for my lanscape shots, I got the MArkins plate for the D2h so I can mount the cmaer straight on to the ballhead
  10. Hi Mike.

    Nice shots! I like the preening mourning dove. I don't recall having ever seen one of these here, although I believe we are on the northern edge of their summer range.

    Glad to hear your comments re the 300/f4 and Wimberly sidekick. I've purchased a Gitzo 1348 + Acratec ballhead and the Wimberly sidekick. I have the 300/f4 on order and really look forward to trying it out on the Wimberly. I look forward to seeing some more of your posts with the 300/f4-sidekick combo.
  11. Great shots Mike, as usual. Really like the gold finch. Great color and saturation! You will luv that combo, sidekick is a great tool! Unfortunately just more to carry, we should create and build a photographers wagon to pull behind. LOL!!! Can be nicely designed and custom fitting, I like that idea.......the professional model has 4 wheel drive, big tires.. ;-) electric of course as to not scare the wildlife.....................
  12. Gordon Large

    Gordon Large Guest

    Hey Mike -

    Nice shots all. A couple of questions -

    1. In the first two pix the focus point seems to me to be the closest feathers on the birds' bodies. Am I right? If I am, was this deliberate? Seems to me you could have used some more DOF

    2. If the weather clears up by Sunday, any interest in the Philly Zoo or someplace more exciting?

    3. When we finally get together, I would like to talk about the advantages vs disadvantages of using your new setup or handholding the 300/4 for flight shots. That sure is a nice rig for non-flight shots or any heavier lenses.

  13. Thanks there a ton of doves in my area bet i have 10 a day come visit, hopeing to give the combo a real workout soon but between work and family dont have much free time
  14. Yes that is a great idea or hire a sherpa, woudlnt be bad either sort of liek a golf caddy for thsi shot give me the 30 2.8
    Thanks for lookign as always
  15. Gordon you are right sort of like the pattern on the first bird was hoping for more DOF but it was late and they were in shade so at any higher fstop and the flash didn't compensate enough.
    Would love to go out shooting but this weekend is booked with a swim meet on Saturday and going the Camden Aquarium on Sunday with the family, I drove through BH on the way home from Fenwick Island a good selection of birds and deer but the bugs were just ungodly.

    I have never handheld for in flight shots usually use the 300 on a mono pod with a small ball head so I think the ball head/sidekick will give the best results. To be honest i try to shoot with support almost all of the time, just seems to help with getting sharper images.
  16. Beautiful shots Mike, thanks for sharing your images and your insight on your setup.
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