A few snaps from Yellowstone - post RR workshop

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  1. Friends -

    Here are four shots from around Yellowstone National Park in which I've tried to apply some of the things I retained from Ron Reznick's workshop in June. Obviously, I still have *much* to learn (and remember) - LOL.


    1) Firehole Falls; f/13; 1/6 s; Sigma 70-200 @ 85 mm. I didn't get a shot of the Jemez Falls during the workshop in Los Alamos, but I kept my ears open.


    2) Mammoth; f/13; 1/90 s; Nikon 18-70 @ 20 mm; + 1/3 EV.


    3) Mammoth again; f/13; 1/125 s; Nikon 18-70 @ 40 mm; + 2/3 EV.


    4) White Dome geyser; f/8: 1/160 s; Nikon 18-70 @ 65 mm; + 2/3 EV.


    After participating in Ron's workshop, I certainly can say - my keeper percentage is higher, my technical execution is better, and my eye is more critical (even if these don't evince it - LOL).
  2. Good going, Eric. I definitely see Ron's influence here, especially on the composition. I especially like #4 - nice color combo!
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    Feb 25, 2007
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    Great set of pics Eric,
  4. Number four is very nice.