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A few waterfalls

Discussion in 'Landscapes, Architecture, and Cityscapes' started by CliffB, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Yesterday, my wife and I were lucky enough to find some time for a liesurely drive through the mountains of North Carolina. She was patient enough to put up with my occassional stop to shoot a waterfall.

    Mill Shoals Falls near Rosman, North Carolina. Shot with D70, Sigma 10-20mm, polarizer and ND 4x.

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    Bird Rock Falls is only about 200 yards downstream from Mill Shoals. Also shot with D70, Sigma 10-20mm and polarizer. Not shown in this view is a large, shear granite wall, to the left. As I was taking this shot, a young boy, just out of frame to the left, was catching an albino rainbow trout. Unfortunately, I was oblivious to him as I was shooting, and I missed the oppportunity to get a shot of his joy in catching this unusual fish.

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    Though there are hundreds (and probably thousands) of waterfalls in western North Carolina, Whitewater Falls is definitely my favorite, though I have never been able to take a decent shot here. Shot with D70, Sigma 17-70mm and polarizer. Though multitudes visit this site, few of them ever notice the car that fell to the bottom of the falls, from a one lane, dirt road, about 60 years ago. Luckily, no-one was in it. However, its remains are still there. This shot was taken from as close to the falls as the National Park Service wants visitors to venture, as a number of people have fallen to their death at these falls. Whitewater Falls in autumn is probably my favorite sight.

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    One more of Mills Shoals Falls. There are actually two falls here, as it is at the meeting of two streams. I probably should post a shot of the other drop, as it is quite interesting in that there is a house built right up against the falls.
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  2. Nice photos Cliff

    I really like #4, Great use of the stones in the FG, it adds nice depth.
    Great scenery you have in NC Cliff.


    Take care Dwayne Oakes
  3. Cliff, I think these are great shots! I live just up the road from you about 15 miles north, and never, EVER, get to these locations. There is always something keeping me from enjoying our mountains. Good stuff.
  4. Thanks, Dwayne. It's easy to take photos, when I can point the camera at such beautiful scenes

    Keith, get in your car, point it west, and go. The mountains make such a great day trip.
  5. cliff,
    these are awesome
    i love the first and last ones the most
    but.... not because of the falls (which ARE very nice)..... but those rocks
    they are gorgeous
  6. beautiful pictures! it's hard picking a favorite but I think #3 stands out to me the most.
  7. Cliff,

    Beautiful waterfall captures, as usual. You really have a wonderful eye for these types of shots.

    I've only been to western NC once - last fall. It's really a breathtaking area in the fall. I agree with your comments about Whitewater Falls - I recognized it right away. It's a shame that the "allowable" camera angles are rather limited there. But there are good reasons not to venture past the approved area, as you stated.
  8. Oh Cliff! These are gorgeous! Wanna share your settings? I'm wanting to do better with waterfalls - I could almost hear them! Beautiful!
  9. Thank you, Greg and Danielle.

    I actually did stick to the approved area and took that shot from the lower viewing deck. However, my norm is to shoot from the rock underneath and in front of that viewing deck. It really gets some strange looks when you come climbing back over the railing to the deck. People see the big drop from the deck; and, you know that they are thinking, "Where the hell did he just come from?!?"

  10. Thank you, Dianne. The Mills Shoals shots were shot with a Sigma 10-20 @ 15mm, 1/10 sec @ f/16, ISO 200, polarizer and ND 4X.

    The Bird Rock shot was Sigma 10-20 @ 10mm, 1/4 sec. @ f/13, ISO 200, polarizer and ND 4X.

    Whitewater Falls was Sigma 17-70 @ 26mm, 1/15 sec. @ f/18, ISO 200, polarizer.
  11. I love the colors of all your shots. You captured a very peaceful and tranquil spot and nailed it. The last 3 shots are great, especially the last one. I really like the warm orang/red glow from the stones. Thanks for sharing.

    God Bless,
  12. Cliff,

    Great shots! I also really like the extreme DOF with the foreground being sharp. I have been wanting to play with some waterfall/sky/foliage shots, trying an HDR exposure to try and not wash-out the sky. Again, great captures.



    Apr 30, 2005
    Wonderful series ! #3 is my fav
  14. Cliff, thanks for taking the drive and sharing the results -- these are exceptionally well done
  15. Another prize winner series Cliff:wink:
  16. I don't think that these locations could be shot any better!! I can see more POTD's coming for you.
  17. Great shots Cliff. Too bad the sky is a bit blown out in the first two images but I haven't really found a proper way to handle that (yet).
  18. jadlh


    Mar 6, 2008
    USA, Michigan
    I really like your shots, that polarizer really helps water reflection. What kind of polarizer are you using?
  19. Thank you, Leung, David, Rfc, Bob, Sal and Terri.
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