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A fond farewell to film

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Uncle Frank, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. I've gotten wonderful use from my Minolta SRT-101. I purchased it in 1973, in anticipation of the birth of my first child, and used it heavily for the following 10 years. Later, my wife used it for a college course in photography, and my daughter and son each used it for high school courses. No one has touched it for the last 10 years, but I couldn't bring myself to toss it out.

    We've had a number of house guests this week... relatives who flew out to the coast to attend my son's wedding this weekend... and I found my wife's niece's husband, Chris, shares my passion for photography. Since he's still coping with the financial demands of his first house, he isn't in a position to buy a dslr, so he's concentrated on vintage camera bodies and lenses, and learned how to repair them. He shoots black and white, and set up a darkroom to develop his film and make his own prints. Chris arrived with a vintage Canon body, some manual lenses, and a $12 Holga!

    After we talked for a while, I realized that he would be the perfect recipient on my Minolta gear, and asked him if he'd like to add some pieces to his kit. You should have seen his eyes when I brought out the SRT-101, a 50/1.8, a 135/2.8, and a midrange zoom. There was also a light meter, a doubler, a diopter, a Vivitar flash, a CP, and a suede leather shoulder bag.

    What a great solution! Chris is going to make good use of the gear, and I don't have to feel guilty about not using it anymore :) . Here he is, with his new rig.

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    I took the picture with The Beast (28-70/2.8). Here's a few other shots of my houseguests... the pretty, young ones, of course :) .

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  2. Quite a coincidence

    Interesting how you held on to your old Minolta only to find it a proper new home with an appreciative new owner...... About 2 weeks ago my son had an old college roomate in town and while visiting with us he noticed my D70 sitting out and that started the conversation on his newly found interest in film slr cameras along with a desire to get more equipment to feed his desire to learn. I had thought of putting the old Ricoh XR7 on ebay just to get it off the closet shelf but never took the time to bother with it, sooo I asked if he might be interested in an old manual focus camera with a bag of some good and some not so good lenses, a nice (heavy) motor drive and even a Vivitar 285 flash with all the accessories I could find. He lit up and graciously agreed to help clear some space in the closet. It made me feel like I did a good thing for him (and the old Ricoh), I think they will make each other happy and I'd rather someone who really wants the old camera have it than trying to move it on ebay for next to nothing. Could it be we old guys are not too bad after all or do we just want to see these young guys get hooked on this never ending quest for lenses and all that go with it.
    Nice gesture Uncle Frank - made you feel good didn't it.

  3. Re: Quite a coincidence

    It sure did. It brings a smile every time I think of how much Chris loves his new gear.

    Kudos to you, Mike, for your generosity to your son's friend.
  4. Nice move!

    I learned early in life that the act of giving truly brings happiness.

    How rewarding when you make someone happy, heh? I bet you we're just as happy as him.

  5. That is perfect. After so many years, the Minolta can still be a very
    useful piece of equipment.

    And congratulations to you, your son & your whole family.
  6. biggstr6


    Apr 26, 2005
    Cool ,That brings back memories . My first 35mm camera was a black srt101. Bought it @ Woolco for a photo Journalism class i was taking in Highschool also 1973. Match needle metering.
  7. patrickh


    May 4, 2005
    Thousand Oaks
    Nice move Uncle Frank - especially since you are reinforcing a hobby/passion that can serve so well. I am still looking for someone to give my Oly OM4 plus great lenses to - had it since 1983. One of my daughters wanted the 5700 when I moved to the D70, so some of it is passing along.
  8. Nice pics!

    FWIW, I couldn't sell my FM3 setup so we donated it to a charity. I suspect that 35mm film will fade away completely in less than 5 years. MF will probably hang around a bit longer.

    I'm glad that I'm "done" with film. :lol:

  9. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

    that brings back a lot of memories Frank.
    My first SLR was a Exacta without a meter, and I only used it for about 4 months then I bought a Minolta SRT 100 and a few months later I got the SRT 101.
    I had exactly 2 lens for it, the 50 or 55mm f1.8 that came with it and I bought the minolta 100mm lens.
    It served me very well for my 4 years in high school. It won me several awards too.
    My flash unit was that old Honeywell 800 or 880 flash (I think that was the model, great big potato masher flash, but that was also 35 years ago.. my memory not so good any more :D  )

    I ended up selling them and going with Nikons in 1978 when I got married.
  10. I was at B@H the other day, and a guy was selling his film Mamiya gear. The expensive stuff. Can you believe some of it they would not take, they said everyone was dumping their film gear. It is nice to know someone will get pleasure out of gear you enjoyed so much. Good karma! CS Dayan
  11. JAM


    Apr 30, 2005
    Albuquerque, NM
    I just hope that at least a few of the trillions of digital images will be preserved for posterity. I was watching a high-def program on PBS this evening about John Wesley Powell's exploration of the Colorado river and Grand Canyon in the western U.S.

    Photographs from the 1870's were used in the TV documentary, along with some recent high-def footage of the area. I wonder if there will be anything left to see of our digital images 130 years from now?
  12. your killing me, I just sold and sent my F5 off on friday, I miss it already! CS Dayan
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