A Happy day at Bolsa Chica for a North Westerner.

Discussion in 'Birds' started by andreasb, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. I spent the whole last Monday at Bolsa Chica, California, and there are a lot of birds there for sure, lots of Egret, GBH's, Godwits, Osprey, Black Hawk (?) and many other flying birds. For a North Westerner it is a treat to see what I guess you Southerners are bored with like for instance White and Brown Pelicans.

    The big even of the day was the GBH that swallowed the big fish of course ( Heron swallowing big fish ) but there where lots of other things going on:

    I guess the reason for all this multitude is quite simple; the whole Bolsa Chica marsh land is teaming with fish and other edible things.

    Here are a few takeaways:
    And finally the closeup if the fish gorging orgy:
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  2. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    Great series. I'd like to do a shoot there, but it would be a pretty long drive for me. :rolleyes:

    If you ever get down this way, I can show you a few southern birdies. :wink:
  3. looks great love the shot of the immature heron with hsi reflection and the shot of the shorebird.
  4. Another great series Andreas. I went back to Juanita today and will post a few in a bit. We did not have very good weather and I sure would rather have been in So. Calif.
  5. Well that is a nice offer Frank, I would love to take you up on it sometime, wish we have something as good to offer, Maybe hundreds of Eagles at Brackendale in Dec- January? (and cold as you know what...)

  6. bfjr

    bfjr Guest

    I love Bolsa go there at least once a week, but how lucky you were to catch that GBH eating a decent size fish.
    I've yet to see that
    Your black hawk is actually called a Morph Hawk, pretty rare been seen there the last couple weeks.
    Which we could of met I was there Sunday last, maybe next time :wink:

    Glad you came away with some keepers !!
  7. Gees if I had known about the Morph Hawk I would have pursaued it more It was sitting in a tree a bit away.... Well maybe next time?

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