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A Holy Encounter at the Camera Shop

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AFS, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. Tonight I had a great honor at the camera shop.
    I happened to be with my grandmother and one of my friends at one of the local malls tonight. We decided to eat at the Cheesecake Factory, but the wait was around 45 minutes. So we went shopping in the meantime.
    Right down that little branch of the mall happens to be a Wolf Camera. For those of you not familiar with Wolf, it is a generally consumerish shop...but it is convenient, for I dine and shop at that mall quite often and it is only about 1/4 of the distance that the local pro shop (my go-to for new equipment). It actually tends to have a good selection though the staff is rarely knowledgeable.
    Still, I go there all the time to oogle, and I usually walk out with something.
    This time I went in to grab, like the last few times, some adapter rings that I use in my Rodenstock X-ray Lens conversions. I also looked at some camera bags like the Lowepro Mini-Trekker, to complement my giant Tamrac CyberPack 8.
    After grabbing that stuff, I realized I had money, and they did have Nikon Capture- which I have wanted to buy since I got the D70 almost a year ago.
    So after clearing it with the central committee (my mother) I told the salesman to grab Capture.
    And then I saw it
    In the Display case...a Beautiful D2X.
    I said in my nicest most pleading voice, "I know I can't afford it, but could I hold the D2X for even two seconds?"
    The kind salesman said "sure thing, play around with it all you want"
    He took it out, turned it on, and placed it on the counter.
    My hands shook slightly until I held it securely in my hands.
    I don't think I've ever had such a happy moment in person.
    It was Big and heavy, but solid and my grip wasn't much different from my D70.
    I found that the little things excited me most. The rubber-coated command dials, larger finder, the apparently much quieter AF motor (using a non afs lens), the little focus direction arrows in the VF, controls, menus and the like. I tried out a vertical grip for the first time ever... and I liked it.
    I really like the whole layout- and the D200's follows my logical wishes from it.
    After adjusting a few settings (including enabling release w/o CF card), I clicked away.
    I assumed it was an AF-S lens on the camera...until I looked closer- it was the 28-200 G (Which was a lot smaller than I realized, though it may have just been a scale issue) and it was the screwdriver motor working! I had to put my ear up to the body right near the coupling to hear it. I hope the D200 is like that...
    I acclimatized myself to the layout as best I could...altered a few options and saw how they worked. I switched to continuous mode...
    and let rip a blazing 5 FPS burst of speed!
    The smile grew wider. The D200 is going to please me plenty.
    Then I thought...hrm...but i'm only getting started.
    Switched on HSC and let rip :cool: 
    The sound of 8fps was enough to make my adrenaline flow like a war photographer's. My heart was pounding...my hands shook slightly.
    I recovered and decided to slow down with MLU mode. Saw how that worked. Then I switched back to single shot.
    It seemed to take an eternity...I began to miss the half-dozen clicks in the blink of an eye I had caused.
    I pressed the DOF preview button and realized how much quieter that was comapred to my D70 as well.
    After a bit more puttering around, I realized any more and they wouldn't be able to pry it from my cold dead hands. So reluctantly, I turned the camera off and said goodbye.
    I thanked them profusely, made my purchase and left.
    As I walked out, my thoughts were simply this:
    I think my D70 just failed the emotional adequacy test big time.
    I think my next digital after the D200 will be a D2HS or an X.

    Thinking about my D70 is making me feel very weird. Even if it were with me tonight instead of at my father's, I would not touch it tonight. Maybe tomorrow...but not tonight.
    Well, enough of your time wasted....go take some pictures!
  2. Jeff Mims

    Jeff Mims

    May 25, 2005
    Are you going to pursue a career in writing, by chance? I certainly enjoy reading your posts.
  3. Great story of what I am sure was a neat experience!
  4. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    Drop in at my place Harrison and play around with any of my D2X cameras. They are after all just tools of the trade not toys, although we sometimes act like kids in their presence :biggrin:

    Nice write-up, by the way.
  5. Cameras are just tools. I know folks who still worship Leica. You are a very good writer.
  6. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    I think the invite to visit Bjorn, much more exciting :>)))

    I have held the D2X as well and said to self. Yeah I could use this ..lol

    Never will have one , but oh well.

    cheers kiddo. Good writing again.

    Wishing you great success in all your endeavors.
  7. lowlight_junkie


    Nov 28, 2005
    What a talented young man you are. I think you have a bright future ahead of you with many 2X 3X and 4X's to come. Enjoy your D70 now, I own both the D2X and the D70 and many (and I do mean MANY) is the time the D70 is my weapon of choice. The D70 was is and always will be a very capable camera limitied only by passion and imagination of which you seem to have an abundance of both.
  8. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Harrison...anytime you feel like writing, I'm in the mood to read!!! You truly have a future in writing if you ever choose to do so. As I neared the end of your post, I thought for sure that your Grandmother was going to pull out some neatly folded "C notes" and tell the salesperson to wrap up a new one in the box for you for Christmas, but the story ended in another fashion. Maybe next time!!!
  9. Good read Harrison, good read...funny thing is I did the exact same thing the other day and was pretty amazed as well ;) 
  10. it seems this year my miserable attempts at writing are getting way more attention than I think they deserve :smile: you guys should see my real essays!
    Thanks for all the compliments.
    Bjørn, I think i'll have to fly up there one day, if only to bow down and grovel in the presence of you and your blessed lens collection :biggrin:
    You are a Doctor of Ecology or something along those lines, aren't you? In my A.P. Biology class we wrote essays for a competition held by the Fairchild Tropical Gardens- 5 topics and only one essay from the school for each topic. Mine was selected...I just hope it does well at the competition itself.

    Tools of the trade, naturally. But yesterday and today I found myself clutching the solid metal of my F3...I got off less than 10 frames with my D70 today- and went almost the whole 2 days without actually holding the camera by the grip- only the lens or strap.
    It definitely feels inadequate. maybe i'll take out my frustration by doing the whole filter pack removal myself :wink:
    The good news is, according to the replies to my queries at nikonians, the D200:
    Has a quieter AF motor than the D70
    Has a quieter aperture stop down than the D70
    Has rubberized command dials.
    I think i'm all set and ready to go...if it would only get here before I go to see my 8-months pregnant sister next week!
    My best to all of you
  11. Jeff, a good read, I enjoyed what you had to say.
  12. Wilk


    Jul 28, 2005
    Sounds like aventura mall? That's the wolf I bought my D2x from :tongue:

    I never touched either of my D70's after the purchase, till I got the IRmod... now I'm back to the place where it's not such a bad little camera at all :eek:  no D2x for sure, but even if I could get a D2x mod, there's NO way I'd do it (unless I hit the lottery, of course).

    Now I'm used to the d70 once again. I'm seriously considering a D200 as well. I'm working on a massive website right now that requires hires stuff, and I've GOT to get my D2x in before the warranty expires in april - blasted rubber problems - I WILL get that fixed under warranty for sure, plus with over 46,000 shutter actuations, you better believe I want it to get the good ole' once through at melville, and I gotta have a high res cam to get all this massive amount of work done.

    Unfortunately, it's also going to put a crimp in my fun shooting, so I'll not be contributing here for a few months at least... well... I'll try to find some time to post process my "creative" stuff.
  13. As most said Harrison...you are a great writer so no doubt if you were to work for a newspaper as a photographer and writer, you would be a great success.

    I enjoyed reading your story and I had the same feeling when I opened my X for the first time. I know that shaky feeling all too well. Believe me, it will lesson as time goes by.

    Now for the kicker...are you sure you want a D200 and not the X???:biggrin:
  14. Great story Harrison. Just don't forget that it is the image that we're after. The camera is just the tool (albeit an important one).
    Plus you made good on your trip to the mall anyway: you got Capture. That is the most important ingredient to make your Nikon DSLR sing.
  15. Great read Harrison and it really hit home since I've also done the same thing at the same place ever time I go eat at Cheese Cake or shop at that mall and trust me , my wife doesn't have to drag me there in fact she won't leave my side. this is due a bad case of LLD..... by the way, I too have the D200 on order at PITMAN :smile: the price there is $1590.00 not $1699.00 are you getting yours at WOLF?
  16. Frits: glad you enjoyed the story...and i'm even more focused on the image than ever :smile:
    Raul, I thought about them when I was there- they don't have any orders yet... but I've had my order in at Pitman since November 1st at 3:20 PM- I'm around #5 or 6.
    Also ordered one at Adorama for safety.
  17. Great reading, Harisson. You're a talented writer. Hopes to me you one of these days in Florida.
  18. Harrison, I had a similar experience a year and a half ago - oddly, just a month after getting my D70. Local pro dealer had a D2H in the window...which I made the mistake of asking to hold; two months later, a D2H followed me home...and I've not looked back since. Everything else except the X and HS feel slow!

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