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Discussion in 'Retouching and Post Processing' started by DianeR, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. Another rainy, cloudy day and got to playing around with this image of my Himalayan cat. The original was blah but I started to play - changed the background, played with a brush around the edges, changed the mode a time or two and finished up with a lighting effect called TMSoCool2 from Trimoon's collection. Reduced the opacity to my liking and finished with a little PWLII. This is definitely one of those times where specific instructions would be useless because of the subject matter -- I can't think of what else I would try this on and get anywhere near the same effect. Anyway, from a very everyday shot on the kitchen counter (where he shouldn't have been) to the end result was an interesting journey! Hope TOLady sees this - she has a Himmie too! :smile:
  2. Wow Diane, that is some serious post processing - looks like you had fun with it. Very impressive!
  3. Thanks Frits - rainy day solution! Are you getting the snow that Ottawa is??
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  5. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Excellent Diane,
    Love the treatment and the texture. Purrrrrfect :>))

    Beautiful Kitty.
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  7. RayGuselli


    Oct 18, 2005

    That is superb.

    Just love the rendition - it seems to work particulalry well on that shot imo.

    All the best


    ps - forgot to say - beautiful cat.
  8. Thanks Gale and Ray! It was interesting to do - hadn't used that lighting effect previously. :smile:

    P.S. I love your Avatar, Gale!!
  9. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Thank you Diane,
    Keith R made the avatar for me.

    Cute little thing..:>)))

    Thanks again Keith.
  10. Nice Diane..:smile: he sure has a fierce stare :wink:
  11. Thanks Mike - he puts on the "tough look" when he's in someplace he shouldn't be! :rolleyes:
  12. Hi Diane, that look certainly is familiar!! *LOL* That fact is say "Whaaaat, I wasn't doing anything!" and I know it so well. I like the treatment you've given the picture.... They certainly have very distinct personalities, don't they!!???
  13. Glad you saw this Sandi - this particular occasion was a "don't you dare make me move" look.:wink:
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