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A little girl... again

Discussion in 'People' started by StL_Don, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. These photos aren't all that great, but the story that goes with them, at least to me, is.

    My 77 year old mother has been ill for several years with a desease of the lungs that is slowly robbing her of her breath... and her life. She tires so easily now and it is quite depressing for her as she was always very active and full of life.

    She loves animals and has always had dogs in her life. They are her children and her companions. Around Thanksgiving within a period of a week she lost two of her "kids".

    With the help of my wife I located a Corgi puppy to give to her for Christmas. It was incredible for me to see the joy in her aging eyes. She showed the excitement of a little girl getting her first puppy. To be able to help her forgot all her troubles and sadness was an incredible feeling. I felt that I was seeing her through a time warp... seeing the happy little girl she once was.

    I'm not a big Christmas guy, more bah-humbug. I know it is because it reminds me of all I've missed not having children or a close family unit. But last night, well, that reminded me again of what the joy of Christmas and giving are all about.

    Thanks to those who read this far. Other than my mother and wife I don't have much in the way of friends or family so my online friends get to hear me open up once in a while.

    The presentation. I wish those wide eyes were sharper
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    all with my cheapo 50/1.8

  2. Those photos are great! Every one of them radiates joy! It's nice to be able to bring such happiness to someone you love. The last one of the puppy has me grinning ear to ear....I'm a total dog lover, and that puppy is sooooooooo cute :smile: Thanks for sharing!
  3. Ken-L

    Ken-L Guest

    Nice photos of a nice moment!
  4. Beautiful, Don, beautiful.
  5. Don, you did a great job of capturing that moment of joy! Sorry to hear about your Mom and her illness.

    aka beaucamera
  6. You know what....I like these shots a lot.
    This is what MY camera is for.

    Catching the delight in her beautiful eyes is a lot more important than getting the puppie's fur sharpened just right. Sure....you can wish you focused on her eyes.....but, know what....you were there and captured the moment which is what counts.

    Thanks fo sharing and have a wonderful holiday season.
  7. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Just wonderful, absolutely wonderful.
    Each and every precious image tell a wonderful and touching story.

    You images and vision are to be commended.

    I about the same with no family and live alone.

    You have two special components. A wife and companion and a MOM.

    I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There will be no more Hum Bug fmy friend. Your heart is of GOLD
  8. radz


    Nov 12, 2005
    Beautiful shots!Am sure you will keep this forever.
  9. Precious moments, thanks for sharing them.
  10. You sure hit a homerun with that Christmas present, Don, and brought joy to a beautiful lady. I hope you bought a couple for yourself, too :wink:.
  11. What a beautiful love-filled act. The joy in her eys is evident. Hold on to your wife and mother. In life all that counts is family and true friends. Fame, health, power, wealth and beauty can be lost over time or in a heartbeat, All that remains is family and friends; who accept you for who you are, not for what you can do for them.

    God bless you, your mother and your wife.

    Merry Christmas.

  12. strobel


    Apr 30, 2005
    Algonquin, IL
    I just love photos that show pure happiness. These photos are just wonderful, thanks for sharing.
  13. mrtac2man


    Jun 3, 2005
    you did a great job... Looking at your mom.. i bet she feels 6 years old again with the new puppy... thanks for sharing such a wonderfull moment

  14. RForshey

    RForshey Guest

    Great shots Don, and a terrific story. Feels pretty cool hitting one out of the park, eh?
  15. srullik

    srullik Guest

    It has been a long time since I was so touched. Your pictures and the story behind them did it.
  16. Thank you all for looking and for the kind remarks.
    I ended up sitting the pup, named Levi who is known as Biff, two nights.
    My mother wasn't comfortable taking him home at night and having to introduce him to her other pooches.
    He really is a cool little pup and it was almost hard him this morning - amazing how quickly you can get attached.
    He wasn't at all intimidated by my 6 cats who stalked him and in fact took to chasing one of them. When he got tired he just went back to his box and put himself to bed.

    Thanks again,
  17. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Great captures, Don. Each one is just beautiful...
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