A little motion blur...

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by David_Bailey, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. I was inspired by another photographer's shot (iCe's "Warp Speed") on my way back from dropping my son off at Summer Camp this weekend. Driving w/b on Highway 80 near Grand Saline, Texas I took a few shots and didn't really like them, then I saw this overpass and quickly grabbed my camera and took 2 shots, I liked this one the best.

    Nikon D3 with 14-24 shot at ISO 100, f/18 @ 1/10th hand held inside my Hummer.

  2. Cool! A real sensation of speed.

    And you were driving. . . . . . .:eek:
  3. Not to steal your thread... but I have done this as well for some fun pictures. My shot was taken, with me driving... in the mountains on my usual run. haha.


    Nice picture tho. I really like the color you got in it.

    -Allen G.
  4. I like the tilted perspective of yours. Do you recall your EXIF information?