A micro image, taken while on the Café micro forum. What is it?

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  1. He landed here while I was perusing the micro forum, and luckily a 200 body WITH the 60 mm attached, was within my reach.
    Ok no comments about the dusty screen please:smile:

    Anyone have an idea what this is, he was very skittish, and left the second I took the pic, almost like the shutter scared him..

  2. Looks like a pretty common moth... better watch out for your woolens :smile:

    Good job of catching him before he got away.

  3. Crave

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    I agree!!
    Maybe it wanted to see some pictures!!
  4. Try posting it at Bugguide.net. Someone will likely give your moth a name.


  5. Thanks folks. I assumed it was a type of mooooth, as Inspector Clouseau would say, but the funny looking backward antenna looked very unusual to me.