A new "photoshop" for Mac ?

Discussion in 'Apple/Mac' started by Julien, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Julien


    Jul 28, 2006
    Paris, France
    I stumbled upon this today ( Pixelmator ) , and from the looks of it, it seems it could be a nice alternative to Adobe's product. Check out the video here to see it in action.

    Wait and see ... :cool:
  2. Chris_B


    Mar 12, 2006
    Arlington, VA
    Thanks for the link. It looks interesting, especially the price - $59. For selective editing and layers, if it is any good, it should be a winner at that price. It is also nice how it integrates with Spotlight and other OSX applicaitons. No RAW support yet but for someone like me who uses Aperture and just wants a little more fine editing of JPEGs, this could be a great tool.
  3. This looks really cool! Thanks for the heads-up! Guess it hasn't actually been released yet so there aren't any reviews, but it certainly looks like a dandy program!
  4. Chris_B


    Mar 12, 2006
    Arlington, VA
    I think it is scheduled for Juy release.
  5. Thanks, Chris! It certainly looks as though it has real possibilities for us Mac folks! It would definitely be less expensive than running CS3 if someone is primarily using Aperture (as I do) for most post-processing. There are those times when one needs to add a little something extra to an image, so some sort of program beyond Aperture is still required. This really looks tempting...
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