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A nice day out

Discussion in 'Birds' started by DiverX, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. Went to Nickerson Beach here on Long Island the other day with a couple buddies. The first 2 shots are with the D2x and 500mm AF-S on a tripod, then I used the 200-400VR hand held for the others. Nice day out...ahhhh!!!






    Yes, last one is full frame...well just a tad off the back to center it. Actually it came too close I was already zoomed out to 200mm! :shock: :shock:

    ps: First time I used the D2x since I picked it up from Nikon after the tuneup on the AF...they replaced the "front body" and adjusted mirror angle and Autofocus settings. I can see the difference already! :D 
  2. George, #2 & #3 are just spectacular! #4 is really a unique capture. Very nice!! :) 
  3. Beautifully done George!!! Great job :) 
  4. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    WOw Just teriffic.

    Good job.

    Thanks for sharing.
  5. George,

    All superb shots, but #2, #3 and the last one are even beyond that! :shock:

    Ah, the beauty of really long glass! I am having a minor bout with LLD here! :oops: ... ;-)
  6. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Great job George. Wonderful series of captures.
  7. #4 is quite unique. I have no idea how you caught that but i am lovin it
  8. Those have to be the Best images I have seen (nature shots) with a D2X.

    My hats off to you.
  9. Wow, they are so beautiful, It would be hard to find the best.
  10. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Awesome shots George. I love them all, particularly the last, but #4 is incredible. What a unique capture!!

    You did have a great day. 8)
  11. Thanks so much everyone, you are too kind!

    Off to work! :(  :(  :cry: 
  12. Great stuff love the "barrel roll" shot
  13. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    OK, these a super, but what is that white bird doing??

    Awesome shots George, but what the heck is that white bird doing, a mid-air spin? :?
  14. Spectacular photos George. The "Barrel roll" is indeed an amazing capture.

    Agree with Yves, by far some of the best images I've seen with the D2x.

    Thanks for sharing...
    (did I mention I am to try the D2x on the coming weekend?)
  15. Gordon Large

    Gordon Large Guest

    George - A question and comments....

    Hi George -

    I missed your post until you cross-referenced it in another by someone who just got the 200-400. In that post you said you hand held the 200-400. True? I get the cr*p beat out of me twice a week by my trainer at a gym, and I'm pretty strong. But I'm still good for only 5-10 shots hand holding the beast. And that works only because of VR. I'm guessing you are 6' 4", weigh 250, and used to play middle linebacker for the Greenbay Packers. :lol:

    These images are fabulous, but the tern doing a barrel roll is just a spectacular capture. If you look at his wings, he is still right-side up and has his head and tail twisted. The only time I saw a tern exhibit this behavior flew straight and fast a few feet over water, did what I originally whought was a barrel roll, and then dove sideways, twisting in the direction of his head, into the water and came up with dinner. He never was upside down. Did your guy follow this same flight pattern?

  16. Great captures, George!

    No's 2 and 3 are fantastic, but No. 4 is a unique shot. Its amazing how much they can twist their heads.

    Thanks for sharing.
  17. Re: George - A question and comments....


    Actually 6'3" and 220! :lol: :lol:
    I really don't hold it up all day. I put the strap around my neck, let the camera hang down but hold it once the weight is on my shoulders with one hand holding it close to my chest. Then one something comes it's easy to pick it up and fire away!

    As to the bird, he was looking up to see someone else above him if I remember. They are so fast and then he split!

    Thanks for all the Kudos luck is a big factor as well here!! 8)
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