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A pair of Swainson's Hawks

Discussion in 'Birds' started by cajun angel, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Okay, I know this photo is definitely not my best! The light was just about gone, I tried every setting combination I could think of, I tried getting closer but they'd fly, then I was wishing I had a longer lens! Now I understand why birding costs so blooming much! Always lusting for a bigger lens! Anyway, be gentle, I know it's not a perfect photo! Oh yea, I had to crop a lot!

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  2. tech1961


    Jan 28, 2007
    Houston Tx.
    You should be able to get get some great range with the 300 f4 and that t.c. you have. You have to sneak up on them a little.
  3. LOL, I tried to sneak up on them best I could and you know they'd fly if I got too close to the tree - say about 50 yards or less - I'm not good at judging distance. It was also getting dark and so I just shot as many pics I could get. I plan on going back for sure! This was the first time I had seen both at the same time. Thanks for stopping in.
  4. Your getting good shots, It is not a studio out there Patience and determination will win the day.

    Well done Dianne
  5. Thanks, for the vote of confidence Gary! I plan on going back for sure, hopefully I'll be able to get better photos in better lighting! It was fun - I actually got to hear them "whistle" - a very pretty but haunting sound they make.
  6. Great catch!

  7. Thanks, Jose! Just wish I had had more light and a longer lens! Those birdies wouldn't let me get very close at all!
  8. Dianne, your right about the 300MM being on the short side for birds. I have found that the 500 + a 1.4 is a pretty good combo but it does cost even with a 3rd. party lens like the Sigma 500 F4.5. I used my old nikor 300 2.8 for many years on both the Fuji S1 and S2 with a 2X TE and even at times with a 1.4 stacked on also and got some fair photos but they were more for info than prints. My best suggestion to you is forget about sneaking up on any hawk and use a blind and try to see if you can swing a 400 2.8 used some time as this is most likely Nikons best birder I think. As for the photo you posted it looks pretty good, so how far are you taking this photo? (about). Meantime just take the ones that fill about 1/3 the frame and enjoy the rest while watching.
  9. Thanks Lou! I think I had to be somewhere about 50 yards or more from the hawks. Since it was getting so dark, I was lucky that I got this one! We didn't have my little blind with us, so that's why no blind was used, plus I'd have to be out there a bit earlier! We'll be going again for sure - next time we'll be better prepared!
  10. That is a long way for a bird this size with a 300MM. I have used my 500+ 1.4 for 700MM and my 800MM stright at certain eagle nests and I am photographing at at least 600 feet so you ae really pushing it with 300MM and you did a good job
  11. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Don't hang your head Dianne, we all miss shots because of limitations. You have been getting consistantly better shots lately and the future looks bright. Buy a 500mm when the funds available, but until then, keep using what you already own.
  12. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    That is a very pleasant image.

    Awww now you know why I love my 80-400 with 1.4 tc

    Best I can ever afford:>)))))
  13. HappyFish


    Oct 19, 2006
    Pick a spot and build a blind out of what is at hand. Fix it so you will shoot with the sunrise to your back. Get hubby to build you a box about a foot square and about 3 inches high with a little door in it out of hardware cloth (wire). Go to pet store and buy a mouse. Make sure Mr. Hawk has a nice prop to land on as he comes to look at mouse. After photo session take mouse home and feed him well, he earned it! My mouse is Samson and he earnes his keep.
  14. Thanks for the confidence booster Frank! I'm planning on that 500mm someday! One thing for sure, whether I get a nice photo or not, it was glorious just watching those 2 soar and "sing!" WOW! Even the kids could hear them and they were fascinated! I"m falling in love with nature all over again! Just can't get enough! :redface:

    Thanks Gale! I"m thoroughly enjoying what I have too! I may have to take a gander at one of those 80-400 zooms.

    LOL, no wonder you get yer birdies! The place where I've been shooting is on someone else's land. I have a portable blind that a policeman "told me I could put it up" but have to take it with me when I leave. I'm scared of the owner putting up a no tresspassing sign. SO, I usually just go stand there with my camera on a tripod and do the best I can! Your idea will certainly come in handy though for when we buy some land some day!

    Thanks! As many times I've been over to that "tree" it was the first time I had seen the 2 together. We'll be going by there more often for sure!
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