A Pair of Swans from Turkey Point

Discussion in 'Birds' started by EdMac, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. Here is a pair of Swans that I captured with my 300 F2.8 lens and the Nikon TC 2.0 on my D100. I processed this picture using the Raw Magick Beta program, and I thought that I would share it here.
  2. Ed

    Very nice exposure on the swans the h colors are fantastic, so what are our thoughts on raw magik?
  3. Raw Magick

    Hi Mike,
    Raw Magick does a good job, but it is still in Beta. It is obvious to me that the algorithms that Iliah and peter use are superior to those of the other programs, and they can extract more detail out of a NEF. In many cases, the little bit of extra detail may or may not add a lot to the picture that you are processing. I still think that NC 4.2 fits my workflow well, and I will probably continue to use it until Raw Magick matures.
  4. Swans are such graceful creatures. You have captured them well.
  5. Swans

    Hi Gordon,
    Thankyou for the nice comments. I was going through my shots from last Saturday, and I found this one. :)
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