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A pic from Summit Point WV

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by eddie_kawasaki, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. eddie_kawasaki


    May 6, 2006
    I went to Summit Point Raceway in WV this past Sunday to try out my D300/80-200 2.8 combo at the track, when I got there I was disappointed to find that since I was not their hired "pros" I was only allowed to take photos from either the straightaway or from turn one which did not allow any good angles since they had their "pros" at the good turns.
    Although I took many pics, I liked this pic because of the starburst on the windscreen, too bad it looks a little soft or out of focus to me, or is it my computer monitor?
    Comments and pointers welcome.
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  2. Tim White

    Tim White Guest

    Unless things have changed drastically in the few weeks since I was last at Summit Point, a spectator can shoot from anywhere, in any turn, from behind the fence. Credentialed photographers can go inside the fence where the best angles are, true, but compared to many road courses Summit Point is a good place to shoot if you are a non-credentialed. There's very little to block your view in many cases and often the spectator's view is nearly as good as the "pro" view. Even with credentials I often shoot from spectator areas there.
  3. Looks good to me. There are what appear to be compression artificats around the 'c' in racing on my monitor, but I assumed that was the hosting site that did that.

    I like the sunburst as well. Did you do it PP, or use a filter, or did it just happen?
  4. i think the shot is very nice
    the crop i don't care for, with the bike in the middle of the frame....
    perhaps some cropped off the right side would help
    but... the capture, itself, is very nice
  5. scca2k


    Feb 22, 2008
    Charles Town WV
    Nice shot.....but like Tim said...you can go just about anywhere as long as you stay behind the fence...if it was CCS then they tend to be a bit picky.....just email the track a few shots next time and see if maybe they will get you a pass....the track is pretty easy to deal with....keep up the great work

    BTW is that the Jefferson Circuit? I dont know that angle of the Main Circuit
  6. Tim White

    Tim White Guest

    Good catch. Yeah, if he was at the Jefferson he'd be restricted to Turn 1 and the front straight.
  7. eddie_kawasaki


    May 6, 2006
    Yes that was the Jefferson Circuit, I haven't been to Summit for at least 15 years, I don't think the Jefferson Circuit existed back then, unless it was used for the defensive driving school.

    It was not a sanctioned race, it was just a track day.

    The starburst was a natural occurence, unintentional and lucky, I did not even realize it until I got home and looked at them on the monitor.

    As far as the crop is concerned, I did crop it, but I cropped of the extra behind the bike and at the bottom of the frame, the area in front was not cropped off, I had some with better placement but they did not have the starburst that I liked so much.

    Mark, I did not see any kind of artifact on the "c", I do see that there's a vent/scoop there exactly where the c is.

    Spalding, is that a Ducati dry clutch in your avatar? Or is it a converted japanese bike?
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