A picture from Mt. Rainier

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  1. Hi everybody.

    Took this last year at Mt. Rainier, Washington State. From one of the trails in the Sunrise entrance area. Thought I would share.

    D100 and 10.5mm fisheye.

  2. That fisheye really adds a nice perspective, Ron.

    aka beaucamera
  3. I am kinda "in heat" for this lens. You are not helping matters. Nice shot Ron.
  4. sparkle

    Very interesting shot compositionally. The curve in this vertical photo leading to the "sparkle" is a very strong element. Nice. Did you do any PS "straightening" of this fisheye photo -- I'm thinking no, or very little because of the appearance of the trees in the lower right.
    Question: so HOW did you get the "sparkle" to happen? I can sometimes get that effect from a branch or other object "breaking up" the light in just the right way, but I have yet to be able to consistently create a sparkle when I might want to. (Excuse my vocabulary if "sparkle" is not the right term :Confused: ) Thank you.
  5. Calm Down Dave..

    Nice starburst shot up in one of my favorite places... Mt. Rainier Park..
  6. Thanks all for the comments.

    Andrea, the sparkle happened because I shot at F20 and used the branch to interfere with the light. It was hand held (supported on a walking stick) and I probably looked funny bobbling around trying to get a shot with the sun precisely behind the branch while trying to keep the horizon centered vertically in the frame.

    No straightening applied, this is the full frame. EXIF info is in the picture.
  7. Thanks for the sparkle pointer Ron!! I guess it's a matter of getting the "interference" in just right place.
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