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A plug for Garmin tech support

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BostonRott, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Just wanted to put this out there, in case anyone is considering GPS units.

    I have a Streetpilot 2610. Bought it as a factory refurb, over Ebay, last May. Never was able to get it registered b/c the software that came with it never seemed able to connect to the Garmin servers. Didn't think twice about it.

    In August, 2006, while cruising through Quebec, the touchscreen suddenly stopped working while I was trying to navigate some construction mess. Ugh! I was only able to use the remote control.

    Not having a printed receipt from Ebay (I know, bad bad me!), I quickly gave up hope of ever having it repaired and relegated myself to use by remote control.

    I was having difficulty re-installing the map software on a new computer today, and called Tech support. I got an American who spoke fluent English (hooray!) and was as pleasant and helpful as could be. After recently spending over 8 hours (total) on the phone with foreign tech support people with THICK accents, this was such a joy! :biggrin:

    I found a receipt in Paypal, was able to copy it to Word and email it to him (ah, the wonders of technology!), and instantly, he emailed me back the unlock codes for the maps, and the registration code. After I got it registered, he then also set up an RMA so that I can send the unit back in (after my trip to PA this weekend), and have the touchscreen repaired under warranty.

    The whole process was smooth, pleasant and amazingly easy.

    What a breath of fresh air to have someone who thinks through a process, instead of reading scripted cards, and who can be truly helpful.

    If you're looking at GPS, I can't say enough for Garmin's service!!! (I do happen to love my Streetpilot too!). :smile:
  2. it never happens like this for me. congrats.

    i've got a cabela's credit card and i'm aquiring ''cabela's points'. i'm thinking of spending them on a gps unit.

    (not sure why i said this stuff......been a loooooong wednesday)
  3. How were the maps while you were in Canada? I know that for certain makes of GPS units, they focus on the USA but Canada maps are a few years out of date.

    I Have been looking for a GPS for a while (out side sales rep, I could really use one!:rolleyes:  ), and the Garmin is on the top of my list so far.

    Michael (aka Canadianrotti :wink: )
  4. Holy Cow!!! Michael!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, small world! BTW, welcome to the cafe, you'll love it here. :biggrin:

    I was very impressed with the maps in Canada, the little that I used. We went up to Mont Tremblant so that George could race the M3 on the track. In order to get into the pit area, you had to access the track complex via a small back road ... an unpaved road. Even THAT road was on my map (complete with it's name). That one thing in particular really impressed me.

    We went up one way, came back another (in order to hit a less busy border crossing) and it did a great job through all the small towns (I'm one of those "can't stand to sit in traffic, detour me!" people). I was also impressed with how well it did with detours up in Montreal when we hit bad construction traffic.

    I've also found that its knowledge of gas stations, restaurants, etc is excellent.
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