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A recipe for disaster.....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Doug Barber, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. When ever there is a holiday in the USA my office is not as busy as we deal a lot with our friends to the south.

    So with (really) nothing better to do... I thought I would try and "cook" up a little "light recipe" and see what might come out...

    The problem here and the reason it (might) end up being a disaster is I don't have a model in sight and heck the dog does not even want to help...:smile: So I had no choice but use the only person around..... (me)

    I guess this is were I REALLY NEED TO PUT A LARGE DISCLAIMER on the image I'm about to post.... Please only consider the Artistic merit and the balance I'm truly sorry for!!!

    The Idea....

    - To create an image from a scene that you would find as someone was cleaning out an old house or attic.
    - To use only simple around the house type stuff.... A black sheet, old book and a bit of dust from the vacuum.
    - use only SB-800 flash guns and control light from them with cardboard snoots.

    Well this is what I ended up with.....

    Hope you enjoy


    In all I used (3) flash guns controlled by a SU-800. Triggered the D3 with a pocket wizard and hoped for the best.

    At the end of the day, the image was created in less than 5 minutes from start to finish and I took a total of 3 images just to make sure my focus was right.
  2. I love how you work with your imagination Doug!


    Apr 30, 2005
  4. you just continue to amaze
    as dave said above..... how you use your imagination.... it's very inspiring
    well done, sir.... as always

    thanks for sharing this with us
  5. Yup me too Doug, Sorry man it looks like some one has hacked your site.

  6. Okay.... now what do I do?

    The site I'm not concerned about as I was just about to rebuild it anyway.

    The other site I look after is this one:

    Can someone check if it is the same?
  7. Doug, the other link appears to be ok. The one with the virus appears to be down now. I presume you've done that?
  8. slappomatt


    May 13, 2006
    San Diego CA
    dont be so hard on yourself. you make a fine model. (and the shots killer as well!)
  9. Thanks yes I took my own photo site down and trashed it. I then built a new "Under Construction" page and uploaded it.

    If possible could you confirm that your checker tells you the "construction site "is CLEAN now.


  10. Thanks Matt....
  11. Excellent

    Very creative and the resulting image is very good.
  12. You make me smile Doug. Where do you come up with these ideas? This is a stellar image and love the way you captured the dust in the air. :smile:

    OK, you have a hair light, one in front and slightly to your left, now where is the third one?
  13. What a wonderful photo.....I wish I had 1% of your creativity and talent.

  14. Under construction - so fas so good Doug. Looks like you've got it licked.

    Have a great weekend, Bill
  15. That's one dusty book. Beautiful image, Doug. Good luck getting your site back up.
  16. Doug, your post here (and the window frame/spray bottle set up) is really inspiring to me. So far, being brand new to the DSLR I've only been trying to learn how to use it to take pictures (as well as learn how to use Photoshop.) Now I want to start thinking about *making* pictures instead of just looking for them.
  17. As requested by Gordon.... Yes he is the guy who always asks "how it was done" and I'm the type of guy who will help anyway I can....

    So here you go Gordon.... The Lighting setup....


    As a side note Gordon.... This type of stuff will get lost as this thread grows. So one might consider moving it somehow so more can see it. The idea behind me doing it is to help if I can and I guess the amount of help I give is dependent on people seeing it!

  18. Thanks very much Bill.....
  19. Thanks Gordon.... you made my day by knowing I got you to smile. The lighting you were looking for is now up!

    Hi Ted.... Talent is very much a relative term... at least with me...:smile:
    I just find that if you think a little out of the box and try and imagine what is possible. Then just go out and make it happen.... this process works for me.

    Everyday, I run into an idea (or two) for images. My problem is first figuring out how to make them.... and then finding the time to play.
    Remember, use your camera to create "ART" not just recording a given scene.

    Thanks David.... I dumped the site last night and will try and find enough time to build a new one. I had not updated that one for a long time and did not like most of the images on it anyway.

    Hi Ron:
    In my mind (what there is) I feel there is a big difference between taking and "picture" and "creating an image". The picture is just a record of an event of snap-shot in time. The image is a recording of a vision....

    With the great camera we use these days we can all take great pictures without thinking much. But the creation of an image takes a little more effort.

    Years ago a "picture" was turned into an "Image" in the darkroom. Today we do it in a computer. So don't let the processing side fool you.... It is as important; if not more important than the camera side of the process.

    "At the end of the day, it will be the person with the best vision and processing skills who will win this race."

    So please try to think of an image in your head before you take the shot. Figure out how to create it and make it happen. Don't just click the shutter and hope you something worth keeping. Using this process your keeper rate will go way up and the number of "Images" you create will continue to grow and amaze you.

    Well that is enough of a "Rant" for today.
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