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A Simple Mourning Dove

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Markb, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. I told my wife that if I did anything on this long weekend, I needed to to take a picture of something other than baseball....

    So, off the back of my deck a little while ago, a Mourning Dove on the top of the pool hut.

    Bit hot on the left from the sun, tried dialling it down to preserve the highlights but not sure how far to go.

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    And I'm going to capture that Green Heron this year.....
  2. Looks Like you were fighting the Light, The results still look quite good
  3. beautiful, mark
    you handled the light as well as can be expected
    in fact... better than that
  4. Gary, Greg

    Thanks. Strong light from the west, good to know that I did what could be done. Appreciate the critique.
  5. Timeout


    May 23, 2006
    Mark, hmm, perhaps the beginning of another kind of addiction? :biggrin: You did great for the sidelighting; I can still see the subtle color and detail on the shadow side.

    You have a critique icon for suggestions so two items to hopefully up the game: If you get the opportunity, see if you can get the bird perched on something natural and also try a few shots with the sun behind your back - that way you might get a nice catchlight in the eye.

    What you did great here is the elegant profile pose, eye-level view, and the clean green background, not busy at all. Like your title, kept it simple in a very good way. :smile:
  6. Mike,

    Thanks for the critique. I will give it your suggestions a workout, for some of the other visitors.

    Yes this could be the creation of another addiction...I'm even writing down what I see and when I see it in my Audubon Guide.
  7. Mark,
    We often get too obsessed with perfect histograms.
    I'm not bothered by the blown chest... heck it's the way the boid was lit!

    If the dove frequents that spot often you could try setting up a reflector or a flash.
    That's what I do for my BYB.
    I'm lucky that my house makes a great reflector for morning light and when that's not working I use a flash on a stand or clamped to
    something for fill.

    Lastly, if this is a NEF shot you could make two versions - one saving as much highlight as possible and one
    for the rest of the scene. Stack them in PS layers with the highlight on top and ad a full black layer mask (alt + backspace).
    Then with a white brush paint in the chest and feet on the mask 'till it looks good.

  8. Don,

    Thanks, I'll see what I can do on the PS aspect.

    I was thinking about using a flash yesterday (it was a bit cloudy) since the birds do have some regular spots they frequent, and some habits. (The gold finches and chickadee's generally always land first either in the nearby cedar or blue spruce, then move to the feeder as an example, giving me the opportunity for a more natural spot).

    Do you use CLS, or something like a PocketWizard?
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