A simple wild flower

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  1. While driving to visit my sister at her cabin in PA over the weekend, I just had to stop and shoot some of the pink and white wildflowers that are ubiquitous in the Northeast during late spring. I didn't have my tripod with me and so did it handheld. As a result, not as sharp as it might be on a pod, but nonetheless I thought this one turned out pretty well.


    Not much depth of field, but my Sigma lens does macro only at 300mm, so there isn't much to retrieve. I shot at 1/500s f/14.0 at iso200. I'm just returning to shooting some macro after 30 years, and have already developed lust for something in the 60-90mm range.

    Any tips as to how I might do better are welcome.
  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Pretty flowers....
    Highlights are blown on my monitor.
    A bit different composition might look better
    I am not real good with that.
    So I take many shots in different directions and settings and then,
    take a look when on the screen
    I often find what I thought was a good comp did not fit what I thought I saw.
    Learning to see what the camera sees is the tought part.
    One i sure have not to done to well on
  3. Thanks, Gale. I've uploaded a toned-down version. I did the initial photoshop editing of these on my laptop, whose monitor unfortunately can't be calibrated. I've redone them now on my main machine, whick is calibrated. You should not be getting blown highlights.

    As for composition, I've included two other shots below....take your pick. I am restricted by the fact that macro is limited to 300mm on my Sigma 70-300 lens, so depth of field is rather limited even at the smaller apertures. If I could have shot the "white" flowers with more depth of field I would personally be okay with the composition of those. The "pink" is a pretty blah shot, IMO.



    Thanks again for your critique. That's how I learn.
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