A snow Owl

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  1. This young male was undergoing training for Falconry. A very unusual choice for this sport as the Snow Owl does enjoy very cold climates. I met him at a show I was a part of with the DEC 2 years ago held in the original fields that the first Woodstock concert was held and I have to admit they did a great job of cleaning it up as it is now a very beautiful place for the type of show that was being put on by the N.Y. Eagle Institute.
    I was not alone at feeling bad for the bird as it was so much out of it’s environment here in the Catskills as several other Falconers were surprised at this choice.
    On another note the owl is a very silent hunter and its prey never hears it coming. A demonstration I have seen put on several times is with the flight feather from a barred owl and a flight feather from the Red Tail hawk. When the hawk’s feather is swung through the air you can hear a noise like a golf club being swung very fast while the very same swing with the owls feather will produce no noise what so ever. If held on the Falconers fist in a completely darkened field the size of a major league ball park and a mouse was released in center field if the mouse did not move it would be OK but the slightest movement would most likely be it’s last as the owl in total darkness could detect that movement. The owl processes many more outstanding features and worth reading about.
  2. 1 he is sitting the owner’s fist quite well

    2 lets get a little closer

    3 still closer

    4 really close
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