A strange view of a Skipper butterfly.

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  1. I get lots of skipper butterflies in my garden. They're fairly hard to shoot, since they are quick moving and somewhat skittish.

    I took this shot a few days ago, and thought the view of the butterfly's mouth was quite interesting. Vaguely disgusting, but interesting nonetheless.

    (click the image for a full-sized version with EXIF data.)

    Be sure to click on the link and see the full-sized image.

    Shot with my D200, Tamron SP 90, and a stack of 3 Kenko tubes totaling 68 mm of extension.

    Lit with an SB-800 in the hotshoe, fired through a pop-up diffuser attached to the front of the lens.
  2. You must have some kind of patience Duncan. Cool shot! I oughta stop by your garden and shoot one day ;)...
  3. Walt


    Jun 12, 2008
    North Carolina
    Duncan C: The shot is amazing, thanks for your posts, they have helped me improve. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing tips.